Alicante Coast

IT LANDS ON WATER began in 2008 with the idea abrir to a coffee pub. Due to the great welcome that had the premises from the first moment, it had to extend the opening schedule, to become dial-pub. Their spectacular decoration, its thematic environment adjustment, its music and the location of this huge premises, caused that the public felt very comfortable in a different atmosphere. The young public is the protagonist to fill the afternoons and nights of this impressive premises with a very bold and singular corporative image, tematizando the sea in each corner of HE LANDS ON WATER. This premises have been able to detect the necessity to synchronize the time of leisure, coffee and glasses, and for that reason it counts on billiards, recreational machines, activities in direct of monologuistas and present music. An explosive cocktail of activities that make that IT LANDS ON WATER is a business opportunity and thus share the success and this novel idea in a very profitable investment.

One of the keys of the success of this disc pub it is without a doubt, the putting in scene, creating a fort visual impact from the facade, taking care of each detail; the illumination and the sound are another one of the essential pillars that they characterize from the beginning to this premises, causing, an interest and curiosity to the client. Therefore to be able to carry out east business like tax exemption, one is due to count on the premises of minimum 4 meters of height and dimensions among 200 and 250 meters square. The location of the premises must be oriented the objective public, a young public, reason why the proximities of universities and areas of concurred students are more suitable. Ample cristaleras to attract the attention of the public and power to give the effect of the sea, as it is the wire of the image of LANDS ON WATER. For the opening of the tax exemption of this novel disc idea pub, will have to do an initial investment of 289,000 counting on the premises of 250 meters square raw. According to the realised economic study, we will be able to recover the inverted thing in only a year and a half, which test that is an experienced business, innovating, highly profitable, with support to the beginning of continued tax exemption, and covering the necessity with a complete space of leisure for young people.