Application Companies

Vacancies for seafarers who wish to settle the contract easiest to find on the Internet. Although finding a job much easier for those who are no 40 and already have experience of working on the contract. If you still have decided on a similar search method of the crew, visit the sites of crewing agencies and boards, and the place where information about yourself. Moreover, the mass sites containing vacancies for seafarers have an opportunity to fill in and send Application form. In the cities there are masses of the agency, which dispose of such information immediately on dozens of addresses. The whole question is appreciated and appropriate. Another method is to find a job sailor – crewing companies. This the best choice if you are over 40 years, and you have not worked on the contract.

In this situation, the most important thing to find a job for seafarers to go into the flight, and showed itself to clarify all the crewing companies divide into 3 groups: Respectable agencies are working on huge shipping company. There are high salaries, mandatory testing for language skills, often independent medical examination, a decent office, the need for the availability of work experience on contracts specialty. And often, no additional money for the contract to pay you do not need. Most of the crewing companies offering jobs for seamen, ordinary. This II-nd group. These companies range from very medium-sized (1 Room, 2 employees) to very respectable.

It is c / o them most effectively get your own I contract. It is also possible to get a job in the Russian-speaking crew and if you do not mate, but a simple man then you will be able to work without the knowledge of English. Sometimes that will be charged for 'entering into the data bank', the 'postage', although the amount often does not exceed $ 30. Range required for the contract amounts are very large, from 'Thank you' to the transfer of monthly salary, or any month. from 3 to 10%. Bogus agencies – III-I group. The most important distinguishing feature – from 50 up to $ 100 for the 'entry in the database' and the 'postage'. The fee for the contract, even before the signature and the departure of the ship. Promise to provide work, regardless of age, experience, tenure, British, etc. as soon as possible. There are many specific examples, including, when 27 sailors from Klaipeda 'flying' on a contract paying $ 500-700 for each. The next version of the job search for the sailors – just ring up the company. The probability of finding job sailor then is rather low. Even a small shipping companies are afraid to take unverified frames. If you have made at least 1 contract and well proven, that with great certainty is possible to rely on luck. There are more employment opportunities: visit offices Shipowners. In Greece, Norway, the Netherlands, there are entire streets, where the offices of shipping companies. So, first, register the largest number of agencies. Do not forget that the chances to leave the treaty seriously above the spring and early summer. British is not just only just socializing, though still an opportunity to earn money. If you suspect a dishonest crewing, find a person really gets a job there, and come in crewing with a complete set documents and their copies.