Attic Stairs Airtight Make – Innovative Sealing Systems

Due to leaking joints, even well insulated attic stairs can become energy guzzlers. Innovative sealing systems ensure reliable air-tightness and enormous energy savings. (tdx) Even the best insulation is ineffective if blows the air through the joints. This rate applies to sometimes attic stairs, but highest requirements on the insulation, who are been installed not airtight. up to 70 percent of the attenuation then lost in two critical vulnerabilities: the joint between the feed box and lid, as well as the connection joint between ceiling and feed box.

Wallace, the recognized stair specialist, has problem areas for the two roughly four-meter-long”develops efficient solutions. The hoka”hollow Chamber seal, which was developed together with a renowned manufacturer, in two degrees of hardness and four mm stroke the lid joint makes dense, so that simple lip seals can no longer keep. The ceiling system, that when the WarmeSchutz attic stairs by Wallace by default Not Acceptable!

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