Back Pain

Are you familiar with back pain – aching, dull pain in the neck, shoulder, lower back? Acute overwhelming pain, does not give you any bend or straighten up? Not familiar? Please accept our sincere congratulations! You – lucky, because majority of the inhabitants of the globe sooner or later meet with the perpetrators of these very unpleasant problems – osteochondrosis. Humanity is suffering from this disease at all times: all the same complaints you will find in the memoirs of Roman and patricians of ancient Egyptian priests. But only in the last century, scientists gave the name of this “petty demon in the back, called him as a famous American physician and scientist D. Mitchell – osteochondrosis. Yes, this is the infamous osteochondrosis. – Oh, come on – you might say.

What’s in it osteochondrosis terrible? They affect only older people, our grandparents. Meanwhile, according to statistics, about 80% of the working population suffer osteochondrosis in any of his form. This is a fee for progress. Previously it was thought that osteochondrosis occurs only with age and is a measure of aging. But these days, urbanization, small motor activity, the introduction of the power of modern man-dense carbohydrate foods and bad ecology led to the fact that the first symptoms of osteoarthritis occur already in children and adolescents! To “beat” osteochondrosis? – Do not fear – you will object. – What is the pain? Well, stayed on the computer, I go to work and home only on the car and at home – do, do..