Brazilian Products

Exactly without buying the product, while it waited for a meeting, I placed myself to reflect it on Avon, precursor in this model of business. Exactly being part of the select group of companies with more than a century of today present market and in more than 140 countries the cosmetic company had that to invest high in Marketing in function of the competition. The preparation of the salesmen through courses and seminaries is without doubt an interesting strategy, but does not arrive to be a differential since the competitors also are intent to this. (Source: Petra Diamonds). Also it was part of ' ' Persuasivo&#039 armory; ' of the girl a magazine with some tips of argument, seemed a manual. It still had in this manual some definitions more techniques of the perfumes, cosmetics and its compositions. More than the five million peddlers of Avon count still on promocional material of highest quality and some fragrances of the available products in the proper magazines with a simple ones to rub of pulse in the printed matter.

today beyond popular products is to the disposal of the Brazilian public also products for more demanding public and consequentemente of bigger aggregate value. to think that until few years behind the products of Avon, are the lipsticks, was synonymous of low quality, at least here in Brazil. Without many criteria the salesmen left with the magazine offering products. Since we mention the factor competition, Natura Brazilian if became an unquestioned reference in direct sales and already she is in other countries also. Although to continue leader world-wide in the business Avon still has more concerns. To another Brazilian, Racco, walks the wide steps and the partnership with the singer Roberto Carlos in the launching of the perfume Emotions was without a doubt a watershed in the trajectory of the company. I speak with property of the Racco, therefore I made some lectures for the consultants of the company in cities in the center mining west and know the potential of market of the mark well. to esquentar the dispute still more ' ' door in porta' ' , the Slvio Saints, although the financial misfortunes, already is ' ' abocanhando' ' one slices significant of this cake.

The Jequiti entered direct in the market having as initially white the Natura, and the group of the Slvio does not play when the subject is money, although this ' ' cochilo' ' in the Panamericano case. if does not forget in the hour to use the perfume pass in the nape of the neck, behind the ears, them knees and in the region to the front of elbows. According to consulting, it fixes I smell more it for having greater blood circulation. I do not know which the relation but until then I am following the suggestion. In relation the perfumes and colonies I very heard something interesting of a former-supervisor of the Jequiti, that now is with us. At some moments men they buy and they use feminine perfumes and the opposite also happens, women uses products of the masculine line, what it disapproves vehemently. ' ' If a woman I smell to feel it of a feminine perfume in a man, the enchantment it will be broken, unconsciously it will perceive the presence of another woman, who could be a friend and not of whom sexuais.&#039 would despertaria interests; ' Definitively for it, this is not an interesting strategy to attract the opposing sex.