Domestic Sewing Machine

Total – 7 receptions. Decorative stitches range of decorative stitches with mechanical machines is limited. Perhaps the biggest set of lines among cars of this class can be found in Pfaff Select 1546. All machines with computer control can perform a variety of decorative stitches. This is different ornaments, scalloped , lines made gladevym enveloping the elements of simple embroidery – cross stitch, drawn-work, delicate lines and so on. For complex models in memory to store one or more alphabets.

Some models (such as Husqvarna Platinum 770) have in their arsenal, not only in Latin, but the Russian alphabet. Usually, any line can be modified by changing the length and width stitch. Many machines have the function of mirroring the lines horizontally and vertically, and rotation of the sample. Some computerized machines have a memory which can be brought certain combinations of letters (Such as names of family members) or a sequence of decorative items to embroider them into the desired order. Type of bobbin shuttle modern household sewing machine for sewing or oscillates motion or revolves in a horizontal or vertical plane. Accordingly, the shuttles are called 'swinging', 'horizontal' and 'vertical double '. Oscillating shuttle is the easiest. Many people he knew in Domestic Sewing Machine 'Seagull'.

This hook is used by all manufacturers in low-cost electromechanical machines. The disadvantages of this type are considered to be the shuttle of vibration during operation, low speed sewing, stitch length limit (no more than 5mm) and the highest quality lines. Horizontal hook double is the most common type of shuttle in machines cost from $ 250.