DPL LED Light Therapy System

With LED red and infrared light against the signs of aging! You’re as young as you feel, they say. But it unfortunately does not necessarily looks. Our skin reveals mostly our age upon closer inspection. Now there is a new procedure, which is intended to positively influence the aging process of cells. The DPL LED light therapy system behind a device that resembles at first glance of a miniature tanning bed and is equipped with red and infrared LED lamps. To the application, it will be every day exactly 17 minutes in front of the face and then automatically switches off. Tanned skin is not this however. The DPL LED light therapy to encourage the natural processes system rather to the regeneration of the skin.

As we get older, often in the solarium go or often bathe in the Sun, the components of our skin disappear and change. The consequences of the deficiencies are clearly visible: fold and wrinkles, facial contours be slack. The treatment with the DPL LED light therapy stimulates the metabolism function system in the cells again. The fibroblast cells, the collagen and elastin producing, are enabled. The goal of treatment is a smoother, younger complexion.

The origin of the LED therapy comes from the United States, where for years among other things by the NASA the positive impact is explored by LED light on the skin cells. The application of the DPL LED light therapy system is painless, just a bit of time has to be invested in the beauty. In the first month of an application per day is recommended during the second month two sessions per week. An improvement should be entered after about ten weeks. The unit price of 279 euros in Germany by the company TREND light will be sold. For more information see