El Camino

NO, right? Dude you would have them do 3 questions, do not review, analysis and send you 10 give you an appointment for 45 days? … Couldst desolate … right? Dude I would wait two or three hours for you to attend because the doctor is "busy"? These facts make our relationship with patients having feet of clay. Ray Kurzweil recognizes the significance of this. In a battle of strategies could used this poor doctor-patient relationship to lie the strike, so in the High School / Debio incised in changing the behavior of the physician towards the patient, now there is time to put on masks or mask, is the hour of reality and reality just Augur imposed on the comedy of misfortune not want to be ominous of misfortune, I am a doctor, I have been leader of the Medical Federation I, I starred in the Medical hunger strike in the cradle of Apra and I feel a voice that emerges from the depths of my past I called to wish the success of the strike, but it is time to remember Cervantes "El Camino is better than the Inn" y. ..

There's the street, there is the village on the way!, greet, narrow hand, be polite, explain the reasons for the strike … maybe the people are noble and forget so many humiliations support … I wish! they march through the streets and roads remind Vallejo "March to Die When your heart / When you start to kill with agony / …Por Life / Kill the malos… / Kill Death" … the people forget so is perhaps noble indolence in the office, so much coldness in the deal, so much pride and maybe you peered into the depths of the heart of the doctor and find kindness, service and priesthood … maybe they are negotiating with the Government remind W Churchill when he said "When a politician offers solutions in days, thinking of years, it offers solutions in weeks, is thinking in five-year and since it offers solutions in years, referred to Eternity" I just wanted to hang in the wind these meditations to Boby Dylan style seems pertinent to be hung on the front of the strike, ruling that old Roman saying "let justice be done, so that the world might not perish."