International Conference

Attingo salvages data from RAID – and legacy systems Vienna/Hamburg, October 8, 2010. End of September 2010 took place in Vienna “iPRES 2010”. The International Conference focuses on solutions for the archiving of digital data. The little encouraging conclusion of the participants is that digital data storage such as hard drives, also in the future remain so fragile as before.(1) the loss of data is therefore only a matter of time when these conventional sources of data. This functional storage media are especially important reliable especially for companies. There is a technical defect in the corporate memory system or files are accidentally deleted, threatens the loss of valuable company data.

The result is often a high economic damage for the company. Attingo is specialized on the recovery of such destroyed data. The data saviors of Attingo have special expertise in complex storage systems, such as, for example, RAID arrays with more than 100 hard drives. About scholastic corporate experience is Attingo one of the leading experts in data recovery in Europe. In their locations in Vienna, Hamburg and Amsterdam the data saver offer fast, professional assistance, 24 hours a day.

Dealing with customer data recovered, sensitive circumstances, it meets the highest demands on the secrecy. Attingo is a on the this year’s IT security event “it-sa” in Nuremberg, Germany from October 19-21 at booth 322 locally. Here the specialists show all interested vividly how data recovery works. False sense of security: RAID protects not one hundred percent companies need often enormous storage capacity for their data holdings. Therefore, factors such as low cost, stability and fast data access and transfer times play a role. Therefore, companies use mostly RAID systems.(2) depending on the applied process of RAID redundant data on the plates of an array are distributed here (exception: the procedure of RAID 0). An example of such a redundancy shows the common and inexpensive RAID 5 method.