Internet Explorer

In this report I would like to emphasize the importance of upgrades for your PC or laptop computer. I start by asking how many times the following error appears you in the Internet Explorer browser on your operating system (OS) Windows with the following message: iexplore.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.? Iexplore.exe is one of the most common mistakes in any edition of Windows, with the exception of the last (Windows 7) so far, which hampers, mainly the Internet connection. At first glance, is a harmless and insignificant mistake because superficially the only thing that causes is close the Internet Explorer browser, but also have other dire consequences for our computer. Other browsers, such as Google Chrome, also has very similar errors that cause the closure of the browser and that are originated by the same causes, but I’m going to concentrate on this, since it is very popular. The cause of this error is easy to avoid, but sometimes we forget and not given importance.

It’s the lack of updates for the Windows OS and the Elimination of waste in the temporary Internet files folder. All the OS they have and require actualizarce and Windows is not the exception, on the contrary, to be the OS of higher world demand, their updates are becoming increasingly regular. So important is the upgrade of the OS for our computer, that Microsoft has never failed to locate the direct link to your update (Microsoft Update) Center in the list of programs on the start bar of the OS. Even in its last edition, the option to Windows Update it between home and not in the list of programs programmes, as in the previous editions. We can also conclude that Microsoft’s interest in putting direct link towards your Update Center by default in the start bar of the OS it is commercial, since all updates, recommended and personalised, are free of charge and that’s obvious.