Is Continually Sustained Also Resistant?

Solution to the strengths of the self-control ability in the branch network is fact, the controlling must be different, will it actually help you decide when companies be respected. The growth differences between action, core, edge – and location-specific articles increase the more distribution channels are involved. Also the margin sensitivity grows ever stronger, the online business is dominated by just calculated articles. There is controlling anything unique, but returns again and in companies again, but more intense. The base used to accounting follows the principle of the separation of internal and external accounting, accounting and inventory management observation of Kuhn experts often. This is especially in the branch network, at the Filialhandel in particular, insufficient, because the results analysis and presentation of results must obey other premises, both types of Accounting harmonisation is essential. According to this understanding provide KUHN specialists for chain stores, orgeine new kind of Q1 controlling.

They understand the market control of Q1 in a changing environment and competitive markets as the permanent optimizing of the usage factors in the current business portal / space, goods, personnel, technology and capital. Controlling that part in the Filialsystemsteuerung is known generally as a control for them, and part of the chain store companies management (planning, management control) is. With them controlling laid out like the branch system conditions, needs and can check what is in the future can be reached on how the chain. It allows a sales, outgoing control by linking results, replication, and performance incentive variables up in the cost, performance, cash flow, budget billing and accounting. “The solution meets the needs of the Filialsystemmanagement in a form that they sell main task” designed in conjunction with the personnel motivation promoting and Coordination breaks through well-defined interfaces and media breaks free – use factor and its profitability locally as central transparent makes. Heart is a business management information being real market, demand and customer information so prepared is available, that operationally is a multiple vote, more than previously distributed and Central as entrepreneurs decide staff and work.