Mortal Self-esteem

The small room of the house is invaded by the toys: small cars, I spin a top, resortera, marbles, ball. The father has arrived today more than ever with very badly humor. He encounters one of the toys that he knocks down nearly it. It is the drop that spills the glass: – Chamaco of the demon! how many times I have said to you that you gather the blessed toys, but apparently by an ear it enters to you and on the other it leaves to you! but the fault I by estarte have procuring you do not hide damn escuincle! sight that where it takes hold to you you will decide my all the life! In addition, you do not have contentment to me diantre I come from the school to speak with your teacher and it already said to me that if you do not hurry you are going to reprobate the year for that I divide the mother to me? , all the damned little day working, so that the baby goes it huevoneando and playing with its friendly. Futurist gathered all the information. but already you are going to see slimy! if salts of where you are do not go to you to go worseyou are a punishment of God! Salt of where you are! they see here for cone! If you do not have known the Devil now you will know that is! Just where she finds not you you will finish you after all at this moment not this your mother for defenderte. rale cabrn! This son of tiznada already is going to see, canijo The air of the house becomes tense, heavy, would seem that until the walls they shake before the wrath of the father. Truly one is opposed, without being able to be contained, it impels it to something to continue vomiting what brings, lowering slightly the voice, enters soliloquio: – From the beginning everything has been leaving badly for seven years everything was different the unique thing that it looked for was to continue studying and in my free times to rolar with the friendly, to enjoy cheves, to be in wave, to bind chamaconas but, I had the damn luck to find me with this old kitchen boy! the very stupid one I let myself embarrass! . . Cross River wanted to know more.