Nanotechnology In Cosmetics

In the era of cosmetology nanocomplexes. This means that the opportunity in the lab to create a substance with a pre-programmed properties. Nanokomplesy contain crushed to the size of the nano biologically active substances, each of which is delivered in a strictly limited number of well-defined layers of the skin at certain times. Knowing in what nutrients the skin needs of different people in different states, you can create nanocomplexes containing exactly those components that require leather, and are responsible for maintaining the metabolism of skin cells at the proper level. Cosmetics that contain nanocomplexes was called . Due to the size of the nano grinding the active substances is easier to interact with cells and are perceived as natural, related components. Thanks nanocomplexes skin starts the natural process of regeneration and restores its own structure and high energy level, strengthen their defensive capabilities and increase vitality, as a consequence slow process of premature aging. Nano level of biologically active components allows you to recover the finest mechanisms for maintaining healthy cells.

Thus, by nanocomplexes may create an optimal, almost ideal conditions for the life of the various cells and skin structures. Nanocomplexes action is not limited to storage and transport of biologically active substances. Miscellaneous nanocomplexes perform different tasks. 1. Nanocomplexes act like a sponge, holding the active ingredients and vitamins, have them exactly to the target and release them only where necessary for the signal from cells undergoing the need for these substances. 2. Nanocomplexes attract and retain dead skin cells and surface contamination detrimental to the skin.

3. Nanocomplexes, with two-dimensional structure out of the skin, instantly, immediately after the imposition of cosmetics penetrate the skin and immediately turn into three-dimensional structures and form a structured "grid" that leads to wrinkles, scars, scars, skin "stretch" and the increase in the elasticity skin, binding free radicals and protect skin. 4. Nanocomplexes due to special biological mechanisms to eliminate toxins from the deep layers of the skin. Thus, achieved not only superficial, but deep cleansing. The modern have the opportunity to engage in prevention and treatment of premature aging of the skin by a soft, adequate correction of the processes occurring in skin cells, both at a very early stage and the late stages of age-related changes.