New Ticket System For Mauve System3

Mapping to customers automatically food, November 23, 2009 – mauve mailorder software offers its anytime, anywhere mail solution to mauve System3 now also with an integrated ticket system. Unlike most conventional ticket systems, the ticketing system developed by mauve automatically assigns individual tickets to the appropriate customer. In this way, the ticket are the same with the CRM system and the accounting of the mail order company and are immediately available in the system for managing and editing available. The automatic assignment of tickets to the customer takes place via the email address and helps to bring order to the extent of the requests quickly. In addition to the automatic generation of the ticket number, the urgency of the tickets is highlighted by a yellow flag at medium and a red flag for high-priority. A dollar sign indicates whether a ticket or not calculated.

The native statistics tells you how many tickets there are in each area and how many tickets each day in the last 7 days have been opened. About the filter, the mail-order companies such as the tickets for a specific user, a specific State or a specific task area can be displayed. The ticket system also provides information about the current processing status of the ticket and the last action, which means it will be shown when the last event is the ticket, (answer of the creator or response of the reviewer). Of course the ticket tells also about details like the task pane, the ticket has been assigned, the employee, assigned to the ticket, how long it has been worked on the ticket, and the priority of the tickets, so how quickly the ticket must be processed. In the context of email traffic, customer responses are represented with a red heading, support answers with a black headline and comments with a green heading.

Comments are not sent to the customer. “Emails, which sends the customer in response to a ticket, the subject should not be modified. Only in this way can This email will be automatically allocated the relevant ticket. And to avoid unnecessary volume of ticket, the ticket email address should be the same as the address to which the shop automatically sends a notification of order”, advises Christian mauve, Managing Director of mauve mailorder Software GmbH & co. KG. Christian mauve mauve mailorder Software GmbH & co. KG, established in Essen was founded and currently employs 15 staff. Since 1999, mauve complete software solutions developed for the shipping trade. Mauve System3 the eCommerce specialist in the basic version offers a free online inventory management for the processing of mail orders with direct connection to the mauve Web shop system, where the customers? In contrast to other ERP systems around the world in real time via an Internet connection to their data can access and work anywhere. The mauve Web shop-system of certified by trusted shops with a variety of functions and the products include in addition specially to the needs of pharmacists tailored mauve Web shop concept e-commerce. Mauve mail software is a Microsoft Certified partner. The customer companies such as ACE include radio, chilli, ENS Elektronetshop, classical music, bodyguard pharmacy or station pharmacy (Kempten). Contact: Mauve mailorder Software GmbH & co. KG Christian mauve Laurentiusweg 83 45276 Essen 0201-43 79 18 0 0201-43 79 18 8 press contact: prtogo Dr. Alfried large Ruhr stone 37 c 45133 Essen 0201 8419594