Pedroza Greeks

KNOW look, essential in the new education by Ernesto game Pedroza Greeks of 2500 years ago created the foundations of what is today Western civilization. How did they? They had no Internet, TV, radio, or newspapers, or universities or enciclomedia, nothing of what we have today. Then how would they did do? They had something that today we are not and we have something that they did not have, but this to us anything helps us if we don’t know what to use. They were able to measure the circumference of the Earth with a stick and the margin of error was impressively small. What they had and that we don’t have? It strikes me that when speaking of quality in education refer to the absence of adequate classrooms, of leaks of classrooms, the lack of computers and other instruments for teaching as a cause of the lack of quality. Futurist understood the implications. But the Greeks had nothing of that and yet had quality in the teaching to such a degree that his teachings are still studying at present. In which demons lies the education that the Greeks had? The first thing they taught to students is to look at themselves, to look at others and look at universe of them. Read additional details here: futurist. They walked through the streets looking all that was happening and this was cause for reflection.

To us we are taught to look at what others have looked, we don’t develop our ability to look at all as this at our fingertips. The sense that more we cultivate is the ear since it is the only one that we employ to everything gives us the master and set aside the other senses, and with them we lose of feeling the pleasure of watching our universe with all our senses. All throughout the history of mankind have been created many methods of teaching, but have not passed it imitating others rather than creating something that serves us to us. We live in a time in which there is all the information to make geniuses of our children, but we mistakenly fear they suffer for knowing both and be rejected by the mediocrity of the people. Those are who know how to use all the technology to create the well-being of the population against the many that use all the technology to exploit others. To the extent that we resist to learn, in that same measure we will be victims of those who make bad use of technology for their own interests.

The new education must have as essential learning to look at everything much there around us. To the extent that we learn to look at the problems completely, they will disappear. Problems persist simply because we do not see them completely. By now the plans and curricula of all institutions of education closely follow a system of domestication where knowing look does not form part of any programme of study. Someone who ends a pass Bachelor’s degree on average 17 years of his life studying, time more than enough to leave a University with the ability to look across your environment and create new realities. Speaks very little budget for research, but if We ensenaramos all our children and students to look at, we would not need additional budgets for research, with students who know how to look at would be sufficient to create the basis for the new civilization in Mexico.