Qualitative Research

The qualitative research, in accordance with the estimated ones of Chizzot (1991), must consider the being of the things and objects that the man intends to know, to occult itself and to disclose itself under multiple forms. What if manifestly, that it appears at any given time is not, certainly, the totality of the object, the reality investigated For the development of this research we approach the characteristic qualitative, searching the daily one to retake the results in the bases, searching the meaning of the cause and the effect; the effect that the activities of arts provoke in the searched citizens when these are questioned on EA in the way. We look for with this methodology to quickly evidence the diverse inteiraes the one that are submitted study objects, in this in case that the pupils of Basic Ensino of the State School of Basic Education Prof Renilda Silva de Moraes – Rondonpolis/Mato Grosso, are possible also to explore changeable in study and to bring to tona a great fan of possibility on the boarded subject, such procedures: to help to enrich and to revitalize the eventual one to look at obliqued of the professor. Had been traced general lines of this pedagogical chain (critical-social of the contents), therefore the same one form the theoretical base? metodolgica that guides this work, for believing a position in favor of the education of the popular layers of the society. Still the procedures of this research, characterized for the study of case, that was developed in a Pertaining to school Unit, thus it allowed its ample one and detailed knowledge, points advantages of this in agreement research explains Gil (1991), the stimulaton the new discoveries in virtue of flexibility, simplicity of the procedures for the analyses that is sufficiently simple and makes possible commentaries on the collected data. The used techniques had been: the half-structuralized questionnaires that are that one that allows that the researcher observes the personal descriptions, the expressions of the citizens (searched/interviewed), flexibilizando the analysis, so that the researcher can use the collection of the data, in the specific case the productions of the citizens that had been registered that it allowed the accomplishment of this.