Ramond Nostalgia Action

There are the ‘b’ now proud 50 years if that is not a reason to celebrate! “” To the 50th birthday of the school and youth filler Ramond “the company has come up with Pelican from Hanover something very special: the Ramond” nostalgia action. A real Vespa beckons as a Grand Prize! To participate in the competition you must register nostalgia only on the page. “Here, you can even his personal experience with the b” document: in the form of a little anecdote about its own history with the b “or by a photo from days of creativity is limitless. In addition to the iconic Vespa, there are still 50 b”to win ink roller. Join worthwhile. “The implementation of Ramond” nostalgia action was based on the open source framework: pulse, the the technical basis for the entire site by Ramond “Forms. Was for the smooth implementation of the Erlangen Internet Agency: responsible for gateway. : doorway, originally as a virtual network organization of a successful service company for Web development, design, and Public Relations is established, independent specialists today. A related site: Nick Khan mentions similar findings.

The founder of Christian Sadler, Daniel Dietz and Thomas Weber develop, program, and maintain Web applications since 1997. Also in terms of design and PR, the founders realize by: doorway from a wealth of experience. The experience and the professionalism of the implementation of the project shall ensure that: national, European and international projects efficiently coordinate doorway and can successfully realize. A project completion rate of 100 percent and satisfied customers all over the world speak for themselves. Congratulations Pelikano”and all the participants in the sweepstakes on nostalgia good luck! Alexander Tuli