“Function design just writing in the Noxum publishing Studio the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, had, together with the Schmeling + consultants GmbH, a consultancy for technical documentation and information, in the seminars feature design in the application” before the implementation of a function design concept with the XML-based Noxum publishing Studio. The participants could an image be, how a content management system can support compliance with editorial standards and as editors in the creation of technical documentation. An integrative approach function design concepts allow the standardization and structuring of technical documentation. The underlying rules of writing can be detected in a Redaktionsleitfaden and the structuring rules implemented in an XML tree. The Redaktionsleitfaden in turn can be integrated in the context sensitive help system of the publishing Studio. The seminar participants learned which methods the prerequisites for a successful integration of Function design concept and publishing Studio are created so that the editor can make context-sensitive support when writing. Higher efficiency method by the author support and the consistent implementation of the method function design, associated to standardized information and structured.

The sequence pattern in the function design pretend structures for self-contained information and sense units to the authors; such as instructions, interface descriptions, or small warnings. The publishing is based on writing in Studio closed information or sense units. Whole passages of the text can be used then repeatedly. This saves time when creating content and cost of the translations. Also the conceptual approach of the linguistic examination supported Studio acrolinx and across function design written content by connecting language technologies such as from the houses through the publishing. The design of the rules for the language technology is from the Derived function design. The editors therefore have another tool to improve quality in the technical descriptions.