Trash cans coverings made of noble materials in a very appealing look achieved by perfect, and therefore gladly and often copied design. Brilliant, totally through designed modular trash cans panel system”made of stainless steel. Made in Germany. Also in decades still expandable and changeable. Also with elements of wood, granite and gold.

According to your personal taste. But in any case: Senioren, disabled and child cater. Long service life and extremely robust stability based on highest quality processing using exquisite materials are the basic prerequisites for a modern garbage cans Panel to which you want to have fun long. Before you decide on a purchase, compare. Compare always loading and processing quality in your own interest.

Through touch. Not by viewing photos. Because nobody, really nobody, with garbage carefully bypasses. A Cortinox trash cans Panel impresses with highly appealing design, perfect, and therefore happy and often copied design. It is easy to copy design. But Know-How and build quality by the standards of highest qualification with German craftsmanship now times not. That’s why we sign with our name. A top of the line of Cortinox is not only a permanent feast for the eyes in front of your House. It can afford not everyone.