Shopping Abroad

Shopping abroad is enjoyable, beneficial, soothing, exciting, but the main thing – that he was … economical. It does not matter whether the traveler is going to go for a run at odd shopping, or want to specifically go to Europe in the period of sales, while crossing the border she can return to one-fifth of the cost of purchases. What is important is the total amount of the check. If it is lower than required, tax free will not.

Of course, if you lack just a few euros for a coat can be buy a nice inexpensive scarf – often the cost is fully offset by tax rebates. But the purchase of a pack of cigarettes or cigars exquisite box does not help – in most countries, VAT on tobacco products, foods, books, leaves the state itself. The minimum required amount for each country has its own. For example, in Germany, enough to make a purchase of $ 25 euros, and in neighboring France – no less than 175 euros. Percentage who return to a foreigner, too, in every state is different.

Usually it is a little less taxes: take a couple of percent for the services Global Refund or Premier Tax Free – one of the companies leading the service. Specific figures and all the details for any of the countries can found on the websites of these organizations: and Right off in just bought a blouse "haute couture" is not possible – before crossing the border can not be used goods, items must be unworn with all labels and seals. The seller issues a special form: it is recorded information about purchases and passport details of the buyer. In the small shops do directly at the box office, in large supermarkets – in a special department, located somewhere far away in the basement or at the very top level. Abroad, do not forget our habit to carry your main document of a citizen. Without a passport may be tax free and do not draw, but in most cases will show loyalty and allowed to fill up some columns ex post facto. Taking the form and a check is to grab and information leaflet (usually abound in any of the items tax free), it almost all the world languages will be shows you where to go to the airport and local banks are working with tax free-software. And for the sake of which all these ordeals – may think inexperienced in tax tricks the reader. Is the game worth the candle? However, it is necessary to issue tax free himself a few times, and numerous manipulations with checks will not seem so complicated and confusing: 20 percent were not something extra!