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Leipzig. Owners of PV systems are often unsafe: they can change their electricity supplier or are they bound to their basic provider? Leipzig. Owners of PV systems are often unsafe: they can change their electricity supplier or are they bound to their basic provider? This question is to answer clearly: the owner of photovoltaic systems can freely switch their electricity supplier. Take advantage of solar energy in photovoltaic solar energy using the radiation from the Sun by means of so-called solar modules is converted into electrical energy. Who uses climate-friendly and environmentally conscious on this type of solar energy, is often unsure whether he can easily switch power providers. Assuming the electricity is fed into the network and sold to the local utility, ask the users of the facilities, whether they are bound under these conditions to the appropriate electricity provider.

Network operators and utility owners of solar systems can their electricity supplier easily switch, as well as any other household also. They sell their Power to the electricity grid operator and not to the local energy supplier. You can freely choose the utilities. In Germany power company and unbundled energy supply. To provide the consumer with electricity, the electricity grid or grid is transported. This power supply is operated by the network operator. The operators alone for providing the networks, the so-called network license fee payment.

The utilities which are companies that produce electric energy and distribute it over the net. All consumers can select this provider since the liberalisation of the energy market. However a small restriction: the energy company has funded the solar system, one must meet the appropriate contract and for this minimum draw the power from the corresponding provider. r source. Change information and clarity about the cheapest electricity provider a comparison which brings in tariffs for example under Energy suppliers. As the price gap between the providers further apart, advise energy experts from the exchange opportunities to exercise. The switching requires no technical changes. An interruption of the supply is excluded pursuant to the Energy Act (EnWG 36). Consumers should know this. With the kilo Solarwatt AG, the switching is highly secure as bank products and package prices are filtered out. Like the experts from Leipzig are available on all issues relating to the topic of energy: kilo Solarwatt AG Sabine maid wife barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel.: (03 41) 12 47-132 fax: (03 41) 12 47-129 over the kilo Solarwatt AG the kilo Solarwatt AG, established in 1998, is a competent, independent energy broker with more than 56,000 successfully negotiated customers. We support companies and individuals to take advantage of the savings resulting from the liberalisation of the energy market.