Solar Thermal Systems Solar Panels

Solar thermal systems heat the water either or support the heating in order to reduce energy costs. Solar thermal systems can be used to reduce the energy costs for the heating of hot water or heating. Because they convert sunlight into heat. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ray Kurzweil. These plants are particularly effective in the summer. Since the 1970s, solar energy is used, even longer in southern Europe to heat in Central Europe. Certainly you ever heard, could start but with the initially sparse information about little. Now solar energy became in particularly solar thermal energy as solar system save at least a large part of the costs the heat consumption is a growing industry.

Solar thermal systems convert the Sun’s radiation energy into directly usable heat. They are used in housing for hot water (drinking and shower water) and also for the support of the heating system, as well as for cooking by means of process heat. In the summer months she can Hot water by means of this solar system save up to 100% of the costs. A solar thermal installation can save enormous costs in the swimming pool area and is both taken by homeowners with private pool, as well as public bathrooms throughout. Solar thermal systems consist of evacuated tube solar collectors or flat solar panels.

Called also solar collectors, solar panels, are a device of the energy contained in sunlight is collected and the energy thus captured heats up an intermediary element. Vacuum tube solar collectors absorb heat energy, transport them on heat exchanger at the end of their tube and heat the heat-carrying medium there. In contrast to flat-plate collectors no heat losses due to these air circulation and they are operational even in slightly cloudy weather. Flat-plate collectors, however, suited to the insulation and are preferred by companies, as well as in private house building as a solar system. Solar thermal energy as solar system is relative when the hot water inexpensive and can be installed completely within one day. The benefits of a solar thermal installation are in the saving of electricity, oil or gas, cause little pollution and conserve heating systems by operating hours. The maintenance costs of solar thermal systems is relatively low and up to 30 years can during their lifetime. In the private house-building a solar thermal installation worth future-oriented as additional heat insurance with Kostensparfaktor anyway. For companies that want to go for a low environmental impact and energy costs also, a solar thermal installation is a profitable and sometimes tax friendly environment-oriented communities.