Sovereign System

Entropy is not anything other than a function of the variables that define the State of a system, whatever it is. Society, politics which is made and the psychological elements and psychosocial participating therein, are also part of a social system (Parsons, 1951), which is characterized by being partially closed and partially open; Since in the field of human or social may not exist absolutely closed systems. In order to anticipate towards where you want to reach, is the time to establish an analogy that might be interesting for the purposes of the subsequent treatment of the topic: that entropy is the science of matter, what social or historical change is to the human sciences. At the level of the political, especially when they have ceased to exist the captive votes, politicians do not often take into account that when a vote away from electoral discipline, has not only lost that vote, but that the same has been won by the opposition. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed, is a falsely materialist claim, that has its origin in a chemical law of Lavoisier, who also interests us, but who is unable to conceive nothing and nothing absolute death as a way of happy to avoid ending. Also, this exists in policy and is expressed with the loss of the biological and civically engaged dead voter appearing as captive in some electoral expression templates. It is evident that it would be an intellectual nonsense be considered registered as replacements for that loss, new since although, in terms of probability, one or more than one replace the dead in possible vote intention, however they are not account differences generational and situational express the electoral will of the sovereign (Hobbes1651). The problem of the entropy is that thermodynamic judgment which establishes that any closed system evolves inexorably toward a final State of perfect balance, where energy can no longer used to produce a work. .