Street Brine

Breathe in salt brine misting system by WDT (fxaz) brine steam bath are a current trend in the market, because the beneficial effects of salt on the skin and the respiratory tract is undisputed. Just in times where a range is fashionable trend, often fundamental views. In this case often the hygiene. Reason enough for WDT, a hygienic system for the fumigation of the brine to develop”, explains Diplom-Betriebswirt (BA) and Managing Director Rainer Rieger, the LIONEL system is created, a Solevernebler for producing a salty sea climate in steam cabins and Tepidariums.” The LIONEL sprays a finely atomized brine solution in the cabin. The sole is pressed while under high pressure through a fine nozzle and atomized. Such a complex technique must be absolutely safe and hygienically impeccable.

For this purpose, the brine by WDT with hydrogen peroxide (a quite common disinfectant in the food industry) is transferred and packed airtight. A bacterial contamination is thus excluded. Also a disinfection program is integrated to keep absolutely germ-free the system and the application. Another benefit of the system is the simple and quick installation. Retrofits of the LIONEL is also very well suited for. WDT Werner dosing Technology GmbH & co. KG, Mr.

Rainer Rieger Hamudda Street 17, 86637 Wertingen Geratshofen, Germany Tel.: 49 (0) 8272 98697 0; company profile: WDT-Werner Dosiertechnik GmbH & co. KG has its headquarters in Wertingen Geratshofen and was founded in 1986. The company provides measurement, control and metering technology for swimming pool, wellness, drinking water and waste water treatment.