Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

This is the breadbasket of Egypt, and farmers here in the Egyptian standards, live more or less decently. But if a little away from the Nile, a little deeper into the desert, with the life of the ancient Egyptians can be already acquainted firsthand – the people here live in some mud holes, the impression that this is footage of the famous Polish film "Pharaoh". Complements the picture of the sand, covering a thick layer of home and natives who catching sight of tourist buses, slow march to the bus stop, holding at about the camels, to cut down on the rich foreigners a few dollars for photographing the ship of the desert. Ancient Egyptian reality becomes even more palpable when the ship sails to the place where the focus grandiose temples – Luxor and Edfu. For example, the Edfu temple is located in the city, and the nearby old quarter, which appeared several thousand years later, most of the monolith, designed in the same red and yellow color scheme and its architecture is identical to the buildings surrounding the church back in antiquity.

And these homes are inhabited by people whose way of life and welfare is likely not changed much from the epoch of the Pharaohs. At least, this conclusion is, judging by the desperation in the eyes of local merchants, with whom they force tourists nemudryaschie souvenirs. Kind of them such as if they immediately die if they did not buy the "Ancient Egyptian" papyrus or some dubious statuette. Against this background of abject poverty splendor of ancient temples is really amazing. Unique austere elegance of breathing temple of Queen Hatshepsut, with its beautiful murals depicting the Egyptian ambassadors to travel to the far southern country of Punt. Involuntarily overflows with pride in the genus man who thousands of years ago with primitive technology (the version of the alien origin of the pyramids and other ancient Egyptian masterpieces of architecture, we, of course, reject) were able to create incredible man-made wonders. But then a thought: how much back-breaking slave labor, intellectual energy engineers and architects, inspired artists, and have invested their lives in the building completely, in general, useless pyramids and stone giants as tall as a five-story house, depicting some of Thutmose or Ramses!