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Oversized Cargo

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Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, always deserves special attention. Tk for the carriage of goods requires a specialized vehicle that can withstand the computed load must comply with all conditions required for the safe transport and cargo should be under constant surveillance. Such heavy loads are those whose total weight is approximately more than 1 / 6 tons axle truck. Because the axle loads when transporting heavy or oversized cargo must be distributed so that they have not exceeded the established by the manufacturer of the truck limits. During transport, the mass of the trailer must meet all technical standards. But all this is also not enough, because during the shipment, and in the course of the path of movement of cargo, the driver must constantly monitor the quality of attachment, fixation, the location of bulky goods, as well as to monitor its integrity and overall condition.

The driver must be vigilant in avoiding the fall of bulky cargo, and when it ensure that there was no cause interference to other road users. In order to transport bulky cargo took place as safe as possible, you must notify the other drivers on the road, about that the vehicle transporting such goods. For this, as a rule, use reflectors and lights at night. Just advance notice and conducted the subsequent approval of special road Services and traffic police posts that will transport bulky cargo. Just transportation of bulky goods takes place by means of special vehicles, which are already technically equipped in accordance with technical features of the goods. Increasingly used trucks and trailers, at least semi-train. But with all that they should have sufficient maneuverability, high load capacity, length and width established platforms.

Drivers and companies engaged in transportation of oversized cargo and oversized heavy cargo, with each new trip to face with one of the main problems along the way – poor road conditions. Since long distances always have with maximum care and caution, but if the ground cover is poor (in the worst case, it simply does not have) and it seems that bad roadway is simply no end, while the carriage immediately jumps in 1,5-2 times and plus to all significantly increased chance of damage to the goods (or does it not dovezti). Therefore, accounting for your route in advance pobespokoytes and select the best quality and safe road, and if possible even to completely eliminate the possibility of passage of vehicles across the bridge. Otherwise, you can get huge losses. To all to plan and implement safe shipping, we suggest you contact the companies that provide services in logistics professional. So you're assured of the integrity of cargo and insure themselves against possible trouble on the road.


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Process preparation is to wash the glass spetsrastvorom, then – in the cutting, which is produced with the highest possible accuracy and precision, because here every millimeter counts, and further heat molding film, ie, giving an initially flat film dubbing form of glass on which it is applied, it uses a professional Melt (Technical drier). When forming the film features the master limited ability of this type of film to change shape – stronger than metallized film, the more layers in it than it is fatter, the less it is amenable to forming. Molding is usually on the outer side of the glass. Then, ready pre-shaped pattern is pasted on the glass from the inside with special tools for toning. Particular attention should be paid to Kant template. Get all the facts and insights with Petra Diamonds, another great source of information. It should not be twisted, have a notch in all its length must be the same, the optimum width of the rim is 1 mm. Along the lower edge of the glass film should not go back to back with a seal, because the operation of the film will cling to it when lifting / lowering of the glass and early or later will start peeling off.

Therefore, when you install the dubbing of films on the glass side door to slip the edge of the film under the seal, the inner door skin typically from the upper piston, complete dismantling of the casing door is required only on sophisticated models of cars. Once the film is set on the glass, proceed to the distillation of water under it and its further-consolidation. The final stage of installation is the elimination of minor errors, the final quality check and drying using Melt. Most minor discrepancies can be mounted subsequently corrected, but in general toning involves ensuring the most accurate installation of the film immediately, as it has in consequence can not be moved. There are only dotonirovanie or implying application of the new film. Process Installation dubbing the film in the car window on average takes about 2-3 hours at work of one master. However, if we talk about the completion of the toning of glasses, it occurs when the polymerization occurs adhesive layer is proihodit usually within three days. The complete and final installation of the film on the glass is up to 30 (!) Days depending on weather conditions. Immediately after the installation of the film is considered normal a small amount of small water bubbles and possible turbidity and divorces that result from activation of the adhesive system, all of these 'defects' disappear after complete installation of the film (up to 30 days!). After drying, the film smoothly and firmly stand on the glass.

Mondeo Concept Car Iosis

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500 Nm torque! This is the fastest version – 5.9 seconds up to a hundred – faster more powerful gasoline engine. As the saying goes, and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe. Oh, we'd diesel fuel European quality! At this might be, and stop, but there are . This Audi S5: crazy dynamics yields 354-strong V-shaped "eight" in volume of 4,2 liters. However, there is the possibility of creating a more powerful and RS5. Apparently, the Prime Minister was not far off, given the emergence of the next car bmw M3 bmw while holds the technical details, but what a manly hood complex form V-shaped "figure of eight with a capacity of about 420 horses – not a secret. The choice will be offered two transmissions: the usual 6-step "mechanics" and new development – the dual-clutch transmission. Ray Kurzweil: the source for more info.

Interestingly, the bmw M3 – lightweight roof made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. But the M3 emblem from the trunk lid was gone – undignified. A machine with a simple "" can not be confused. Exterior styling can be called a style-aggressive: "evil" bumper, pushing and wings, a pair of dual exhaust pipes, defiantly sticking out from under the body kit. But while "Emka" – a concept car. And let the fans salivating Bavarian predator there is still decent – until the fall of Frankfurt. Ford Mondeo Concept Car Iosis its "kinetic" design to the last leaves hope that the new Mondeo – it's just he is. And now the flagship of the European branch of Ford is shown to the public. Obviously, the concept of multiple

Electronic Ignition Systems

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However, car engines have become much more high-speed and have a high degree of compression, which imposes additional requirements on the ignition system. In addition, in recent years these systems have become make claims to radically increase fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness of automobile engines. In this regard, as in. in this country and abroad there are numerous Research on the improvement of the classical ignition system or replace it with brand new, with the best characteristics. These studies are primarily aimed at eliminating the main shortcoming of the classical system – to reduce the secondary voltage at low and high speeds of the motor shaft, with pollution of candles, with a decrease in battery voltage, when pollution or burning of contacts chopper, etc. In Currently, the spread got two fundamentally different electronic ignition system – with the accumulation of energy in the inductance and capacitance.

The first of these is called the transistor and the second – the thyristor or capacitor (on the name the basic elements used in these systems). Transistor system consists of the same elements as the classic, and works on the same principle. Unlike a transistor system from classic is that it introduces a powerful effect transistor, which commutes the current ignition coils, contacts same chopper commute only a relatively small base current of the transistor. However, to fully realize positive characteristics of a transistor ignition system can not only with a special ignition coil. The latter circumstance limits the possibility of manufacturing a transistor system in amateur conditions.

Automotive Technology MAZ

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Prospects and horizons of maz on the territory of the Russian Federation operate 58 dealerships Minsk Automobile Plant, and there are dozens of certified maintenance centers Maz. Minsk Automobile Plant conducts the daily work on the improvement of basic models to effectively use the latest technology, expanding the assortment line and the volume of production. Considerable attention developers maz give environmental products, which is considered essential criteria of the European quality. Its products are widely maz presents at various exhibitions held abroad, Belarus. Several innovations in This year, were presented at the national exhibition "Comtrans-2008.

However, Ming manufacturers of truck equipment and buses do not intend to limit the ability of the Russian market in September Minsk Automobile proposes to take part in the famous exhibition in Hanover. There will be submitted to competitive city bus, meeting the most stringent European standards. A wide range of products maz List of maz manufactured products is rather wide. Automotive Technology maz includes a wide variety of popular trucks: medium-duty and on-board vehicles, truck tractors and dump trucks. On the chassis of the Minsk Automobile Plant manufactured trucks, truck cranes, road tankers, cement trucks, cranes, semi-trailers and food tanks. Also, on the maz produced a variety of modifications vans (industrial, insulated, isothermal, refrigerators, furniture, car repair, etc.).

Communal motor-vehicle supplied by maz, includes sewage, ilososnye, vacuum machines and trucks for debris removal. In addition maz succeeded in manufacturing trailers, trailers and buses. Leasing maz If you wish to purchase equipment of the Minsk Automobile Plant, there is no need pay the entire amount immediately. In addition to the various conditions of purchase on credit, there is a very promising option of leasing. Suggests the possibility of leasing arrange rental vehicles for a period of six months to 15 years. The merits of leasing schemes a lot. Firstly, there is an opportunity to periodically update an aging vehicles, entering into an agreement to lease more modern technology. Second, the lease payments attributed to production costs, which makes it possible to cut taxes. Thirdly, there is no direct washed equity for the acquisition of technology, keeping in mind the possibility to use the borrowed funds. Most often, the view of the fixed assets and amortization of landlord deals that can dramatically simplify the accounting system. Minsk Automobile Plant produces a reliable and competitive products, ensuring that it is a convenient service, are contributing to the wide dissemination of motor vehicles of the Minsk Automobile Plant in the markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States and beyond.

Manual Transmission

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Of course, the second type of training often yields more positive results. – Avtoinstruktor is a professional in their field with extensive experience. When you pass, driving instruction from him, he not only get a set of instructions and rules that must be vyzubrit, but also an excellent practice. Incidentally, the rules, sometimes even an experienced driver can not explain them available as they are set out in the dry form, while avtoinstruktor popular explain each sentence in digestible form. – A modern driver, especially a beginner, is often faced with such features are driving school did not cover. This so-called elements of school life. Better they will teach you qualified private instructor, as you get practice at their own mistakes, which are known are not always without consequences.

Driving instructor, with whom successfully passed a lot of people always is highly appreciated. However, the fit is not just novice drivers, but also those who have already obtained the rights. – Often, after a driving school remained behind, the newcomers have doubts about their knowledge. They are unsure of what can easily integrate into the fast and strong stream of cars or will not be able to park properly. There are other fears of novice drivers. Again in this case, useful services of a professional instructor who will recover memory and help a person feel confident behind the wheel. – There are times that help driving instructor need an experienced driver. This occurs when a person was a big break in the driving or he faced with driving, in which he has never been the practice.

Often people come to Russia from abroad, from warm countries, and first encounter with icing. Of course, they do not choose extreme driving through the streets of cities, not hope "at random". Foreigners and Russians who have not been at home, prefer to be trained in driving sleet from an experienced instructor. – Sometimes need avtoinstruktor and buying a new car, which differs in management of your previous model. Specialist can give you competent advice and learn how to treat a new type of transport you to enjoy from a safe for themselves and other people's driving.

Car Engines

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See also the car engine. Transmission (power transmission) transmits torque from the engine to the propeller, A. (wheels, caterpillars, etc.). Transmission can be: mechanical, electromechanical and hydro. The most common manual transmission, which usually consists of a clutch – clutch, making it possible to separate the short and smoothly connect the engine and subsequent arrangements transmission, gearbox, gear reducer step which you can edit in a broad range torque at the drive wheels (traction force) and to reverse; driveline – shafts joints that transmit torque from the gearbox to the main gear under varying angles between their shafts, final drive – gear reducer and are constantly improving the torque transmitted from the box transfers to the drive wheels, the differential – a mechanism that distributes torque from the main transmission between the drive wheels, so they rotate on the turns and bumps of the road with different angular speeds; shafts transmitting torque to the driven wheels. The main transmission performed previously in the form of a pair of bevel gears with straight teeth (the cargo aa in the form of two pairs – the cylindrical and conical), made with helical teeth or with hypoid gearing. With a transverse engine main transmission is done in the form of cylindrical gears.

A. On some all-terrain or heavy-duty use separated main gears in the form of the central cone gear and side (wheel) gear (pair of cylindrical gears with external or internal gears, planetary gear). The most promising stepless transmission, which is much easier to manage, improve ride comfort and cross-transmission of A.

The Engine

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I told this story not just so, and to convey the emotions of a man who is the first time with faulty moped one-on-one, away from home, not knowing what to do with it. Still, a moped – not a bike that can carry under your arm. Even now I sometimes wonder – What happened then in a way – to disguise a moped in the bushes and walk home, or same roll it up to the house until the give up the ghost of loss of strength! But enough about the bad, in fact it was only the beginning. Perhaps the incident at the beginning of a moped would permanently eradicate the desire to leave it far from home, but the desire to go farther and farther, eventually prevailed. After three hundred kilometers, I replaced the engine and transmission oil, washed and oiled air filter. Motor oil and oil filter were purchased along with a moped in reserve as 300 kilometers, as expected, you can dash off for a week (as it turned out).

Transmission oil, said it is possible though for Lada fill – there are only about 100 milliliters should have used some Lukoil for a car (motorbike with him worked fine until the end, then at 1000 km it too flooded). Transmission oil drain bolt seems to be rooted. Collective intelligence could not find a way to unscrew it does. In these attempts broke one head (cracked), and then even a long road trying to loosen the knob – but nothing helped.