About The Animation

The animation is a type of optical illusion. It’s the emergence of the movement caused by the images that show one after another, is how to see drawings of flowers superimposed one upon the other creating a motion effect clear when these images move. Often, the animation is used for entertainment purposes but may also be very useful with an educational approach. Besides its use for entertainment, animation is considered a form of art. Often this art participates and receives an award at the world film festivals.

It is also used for educational purposes, as already we had mentioned, the animation has a place in learning and teaching applications today. The cartoon is often considered the animation in its most classic form. The cartoon characters made their debut in the first part of the 20th century, and began the use of 24 different drawings per second, as well as television which runs at 24 frames per second. In traditional cartoons, frames they are hand-drawn. The animation takes too long its realization and its production is very expensive.

For this reason, the majority of the animation for television and film is produced by professional studies. However, there are also many independent animation works. In fact, there are many resources, such as animation programs for low-cost and market and distribution networks, which help the independent animator to perform work much easier than it was in the past. When using animation for films or movies, each frame is produced on an individual basis. Frames can be produced using computers or photographs of the images that are being drawn or painting. Frames can also generate through the alteration of a model unit in small forms or using a special camera to take pictures of the results. Regardless of the method used, the idea is that the production is able to deceive the eye to see continuous motion. Although the production job animated films and cartoons can be intense and laborious, computer animation can make the process much faster. Computer technology is in constant improvement, and professionals are able to create characters as in real life due to the use of computers and special animation software. However, qualified animators are still necessary for the production of quality animations. After all, computers are not yet able to make artistic decisions and bring passion to the images.