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Overheated Engine

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Independent ways of dealing with overheated engine. The cause of overheating may be leaking into the cooling system can lead to very serious consequences. What you need to know and carry with them to address problems in road? Many travel only pay attention to the speedometer, but one of the most important on the instrument panel – a pointer to the engine coolant temperature. Often it is not equipped with a signal that would warn about exceeding the allowable regime. And if not periodically glance at it, you'll learn about the incident only to have a sharp smell of antifreeze and a pair of zakipevshego from under the hood.

When the coolant starts to boil, steam is produced in the system, which prevents the normal process of cooling the power plant, then the temperature starts to rise and the engine overheats. A few minutes away from an overheated engine can, for example, jam band with piston rods cliff or deformed cylinder head. By overheating serviceable engine, as a rule, result in a "trifle" – cheap and elementary replacement parts, the main thing – time to notice the problem. In vehicles equipped with electric fan motor can cause overheating serve by him. Although the fan itself is reliable and rarely break, in contrast to its management. The scheme of the fan is this: when the temperature coolant rises to the limit, the probe, washed it, is closed and includes a fan control relay. If not, you must first diagnose the fuse.

Engineering Ferdinand Porsche

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Was awarded the title Doctor of the Stuttgart Academy of Engineering Ferdinand Porsche in 1929, retaining for himself the post of Daimler, and is even technical director of another legendary producer – Austrian firm motostroitelnoy Shtayer, engines and which still uses the whole of Europe, including and the Russian car industry (eg, truck GAZ set it shtayerovskie diesel). A favorite of dictators Jobs venerable firms did not meet Ferdinand Porsche and in 1931 he created his own design office. Commissioned by various companies Porsche develop engines and vehicles. Especially productive was the cooperation with a competitor Mesredesa, Auto Union concern. Porsche racing cars of those years not only beat the record of its time, but still amazing imagination. Sports car rear-type A, built to order Auto-Union with an engine capacity 4360 cc power developed almost 300 hp and car accelerates to 250 km / h. The next record porshevsky car, type C, with a 6-liter engine has capacity of 520 hp At the time of arrival record in 1938, the machine speed has reached 436 km / h! Creating a sports car was not the only focus of the Porsche design office.

Ferdinand did not allow easy laurels of its overseas counterparts, Henry Ford made the automobile affordable for the masses. Porsche ideas fell on fertile ground – who ruled at that time Germany Adolf Hitler demanded that the German car industry to create People's Car, and a contest for the future VW. The winning design an Austrian by birth of Ferdinand Porsche and was appointed technical director of the company, the design capacity of only one site which was 250 thousand cars per year! Evil tongues, there was talk that the success of Porsche, who had no German citizenship, was due to personal sympathy on the part of the Fuhrer.