Traffic Success Factor For E-commerce

An important success factor for the sale of products via the Internet is the traffic. The higher the number of users on one side, the greater is the likelihood of potential buyers for his product to be found. The general rule that an e-commerce provider, all promotional activities, from both the offline and the online sector, the effort is in relation to the benefit of track should. The following three common types of campaigns are shown by a supplier can increase traffic to its website through online promotion. They are characterized by the fact that the advertiser pays the advertising a pre-specified amount for each qualified customer. The customer contacts come about because the portal fades on his website different e-commerce advertising modules to market in this way, the product of the advertiser. This may even by the display of banners various sizes occur. However, there is also the possibility of paid content completely adapted to the look and feel of the partner site and the content integrated to promote.

The advantage of this integration means is that it is perceived by the visitor is usually not as advertising but as a surplus value information from the total supply of the internet and find a result more attention. Which applies to the “look and feel customized affiliate area with many portals with click-through rates of up to about 5 percent of a lot more attention, the average click rate of traditional banners is + / – 0.5 percent comparatively very low. Also have established Internet company with a long range usually only willing to accept in the form of Pay-per-lead to the “look and feel customized variant, given that their standard advertising space on conditions in which the entire advertising risk transferred to the media, is, do not want to give up. Another way for visitors to obtain a product, is that the online retailer carefully “pay-per-click campaigns to make his product. It uses a fixed amount per click will have completed paying on the ad. In particular, it is recommended for this billing option on Keywords and related advertising, the so-called keyword advertising to place, since the scattering losses here are very low. Known suppliers of keyword advertising include the Google / Adwords and Overture.

Finally, shop owners still turn campaigns on other websites under the “pay be charged per-view model. Here, the number of displayed banner format, regardless of whether a click or a qualified customer has come into existence will be charged. The calculation of the advertising takes place after the thousand page impressions (CPM), ie pay per view in 1000 Advertisement must have a certain amount. The height of the thousand contacts depends both on the brand strength and the target audience of the website and from the banner format and varies between five and 50.