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Interior Design

The highest achievement of constructivism, which received the highest popularity in the mid-90 years, became a minimalist. Distinct from it in meaning, but not by way of high-tech style (like the minimalism that uses a combination of brevity in design with total functionality) seems much more interesting minimalism. It’s believed that ConocoPhillips sees a great future in this idea. At least the view that the application of high technology does not imply asceticism and sootvetctvenno hi-tech provides ample creative possibilities of decorators and designers. Another very interesting direction is beautiful name fusion (fusiop), he held a mixture of various textures and the simultaneous use of nonstandard forms. Click Grupo Vidanta to learn more. Finally, in our time can not do without exotics. Today, at the peak of the Indonesian, South American and has already become a familiar Japanese and Chinese subjects. Sophisticated colors in combination with natural fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, accessories in the form of pillows, tablecloths, napkins with drawings in the style of patch-Vork, fringed, velvet, leather pieces – all this ever popular and topical. Interior Design – the process laborious and long-term, and the help of experienced designers in this difficult matter indeed valuable service.

If we believe the historical chronicles, even the most ancient civilizations could boast of weaving culture. At first, people used cloth for clothing, and later – for interior decoration of their living u and. Truly become an integral part of the fabric interior locks only in XI-XII centuries and finally won one of the main places in the design of palaces around the xiv century. Currently, window decoration is one of the important elements decoration of any home.

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The System

principle 2. Continuous improvement. Quality is always possible to increase – by increasing effectiveness of existing needs, due to meet the previously responsive to needs at the expense of forming and meet new needs, etc. Improvements may be associated with the elimination of deficiencies or a warning of possible problems. principle 3. Decisions based on facts. In order to implement the principle of continuous improvement, you must have reliable information about quality. For this within the qms should operate the registration system of quality data.

The composition of the data to be recorded and analyzed for decision making, defined by features of the company's business and the processes occurring in it. To implement this principle in the framework of the project are developed: the system parameters of the quality of the company, the system records the quality and procedures of quality records. principle 4. Process approach. Effective monitoring and improving quality are only possible within the business, 'transparent' in terms of control.

Process model greatly simplifies the analysis and improvement of quality. principle 5. Involvement of all in quality assurance. As part of a quality system based on process approach, each employee clearly knows its responsibilities and powers, as well as its responsibility for quality within the processes in which it participates. principle 6. Leadership. Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization. They should create and maintain the internal environment in which workers can become fully involved in activities to achieve organizational goals.

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Siphon panels narrow colored strips of 5-30 mm, fringed border frieze, mirrors or panels, said panels. Panel made in the form of one or several parallel lines. Panel used to hide irregularities in the junction between differently colored areas and surfaces for decorative purposes. At the boundary surfaces, colored adhesives or glue, oil, panel holds adhesives. On the surface, colored oil compositions panel holds oil composition. Panels perform stretching filenochnoy brush, roller or a special gasket on the stencil. The most difficult is the way to pull panels brush, which requires long training from malaria.

When working with a brush used wooden ruler length of 70-80 cm dipping the brush in the paint composition, conducting it along the line from left to right. When driving you can not change adopted first angle of the brush to the wall. Draw the line, the line moves to the right so that she would drop by 5-7 mm toward the already stretched panels, and repeat the same movement with a brush, being careful not to leave visible seam. Panel should be the entire length of the same width, without joints and curved. Paint composition for the panels to be thinner, but with a lot of knitting. To improve the ductility of it added sugar water, molasses or grain brew of oil dissolving a volatile solvent. Panels can perform a special machine with a roller. Roller move along the line, just as you would with a brush. Rolling drawing relief Drawing on rollers painted wall surface can be applied, using embossed rubber rollers.

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Modern House

Various connection options of modern space heaters allow their installation as the existing heating systems and re- created. In this case, heat sinks with bottom connector give more opportunities for the design of the heated rooms, since they are installed pipelines can be made practically invisible. Choosing a functional Modern House is impossible without perfect comfort. Therefore, the technical "stuffing" even log cabins in no way inferior to urban high-rises, and often exceeds it. And although it is obvious that the role of these devices in shaping the aesthetic of the image space – minimal detail here. Homes technique is not accepted publicly display, highlighting a modest place in the technical rooms, alcoves, utility closets. However, here like the unity of design.

Therefore, an appropriate stylistic solutions require a device that supplies water to the house, maintaining a stable pressure in the water system that discharged sewage and household sewage, heating and circulation of coolant in the heating system And, of course, this requirement has caused the greatest attention to these units by industrial designers. It is well known that the industrial design does not mean creating a beautiful shape for its own sake. Whatever the original superficially there was no device, it must be comfortable and functional, and reliable. Therefore, modern producers have to take care not only about the effectiveness of their products, but also to create maximum comfort when working with them. Accordingly, the essential attribute of design activity, along with all other factors is ergonomics, allows you to make the management of household appliances as simple, clear and intuitive.

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