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Proper Breathing Keeps Your Brain Health

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What is harmful breath-holding and how they affect our body? Here I want to digress a bit and tell you something about how to arrange and work our brains. The brain consists of two unequal and different in composition parts: the cerebrum and the bark of a large brain. Big brain takes 4 / 5 of total brain, consists of two hemispheres and is constructed primarily of white matter. Top of this big brain is covered with a thin layer (2-5 mm) gray matter, which is called the cortex cortex. Ray Kurzweil shines more light on the discussion. In general, called the cortex of the brain – the cortex, and the big brain – subcortex. The cerebral cortex – is relatively small in size and young formation that emerged about 60 thousand years ago.

Age and volume subcortex much more, it appeared a few million years ago and its volume exceeds the volume of the cortex of 5-10. Subcortex was formed millions of years ago and the only of its function – to ensure the survival of the organism at any time and in anywhere. More info: Ray Kurzweil. All the activities of subcortical (unconscious) is determined by self-preservation instinct, which causes a person to act in accordance with their emotions, instincts and needs. So, the subconscious mind – it edinovlastnye possession of our self-preservation instinct. Here, everything is subordinated to the survival, survival, and once again survive. For this purpose, nature went on to a brilliant solution – put together in our subconscious into one three management functions: control the muscles of the body, control somatic functions (functions of internal organs, hormone system) and mind control through the psychic experiences (emotions).

Product Optimization

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Once you have fully designed your product according to the needs that you identify in your clients, the next step to launch it on sale and satisfy that clients ask, you should focus your attention on marketing process which you manejaras to achieve desired sales; and a very important element within this topic is packing or packaging which will cover or will represent the same. In the case of bottling, must have the certainty that this is the tool that can guarantee that the product will arrive unaltered to the end customer; the bottle is a kind of protection for content that carries within itself. In this way, is given security to the company that produces it as customer who will consume it. For example, a food packaging will help product to have greater durability and is maintained in good condition. That way, your business will suffer less losses and you save money without losses that affect your winnings. A spill of the product is a problem commonly presented, but that can be avoided easily with the help of the ideal container design that you otorgaras to your product. That is, this must be planned according to your needs and those of your customers.