Gladly Concepts

BER marketing offers customized marketing packages! The electro mobile offers bandwidth is rapidly increasing, whether vehicle concepts on two or four wheels, stationary loading supply or storage, mobility concepts on local basis, dealer networks, sharing, and much more. The mass market has long not been reached, the ideas and concepts but point in the right direction. Often human and financial resources lack of in this new technological ground to implement consistently and purposefully ideas and concepts and especially successfully to market. Not all today’s providers will also come across the start-up phase, because for the vast majority of potential customers, the daily, practical benefit is not always visible. On the contrary, the market is already cluttered despite early stage for the majority.

Only who early takes care of a commercially viable customer loyalty with clearly defined target group and defined benefits, building a brand and also a resilient distribution network, will pass the coming years and also be able to finance further expansion. Because: Not always the technologically best idea, but which survives with a consistent implementation and a clear profile. BER Marketing GmbH has set up individual packages of support therefore the interested, innovative companies can select their appropriate building blocks. The complete package takes into account all the necessary and relevant steps that lead from a good product idea to a successful and long-term marketing: from the product idea to market -, we offer you your innovation workshop we innovative ideas develop a compact workshop, in which together with you and check on their eligibility. Take advantage of our expertise in the strategic development of product innovations and the creation of successful funding applications. Targeted marketing concepts we support you with the necessary market, customer and competitive research, make transparent the right target group and their buying criteria, develop together with you an effective marketing approach including press and public relations work, take care of the implementation of targeted, help build of your brand and positioning your product or service. Marketing and sales development we are as “Extended Workbench” in every phase of the business in terms of interim management available, in close consultation with you, coordinate your marketing, build your key account management and the necessary sales activities, control all actions with most effective impact for your budget and can also assist with the search for your future employees.

Training and presentation very we are also in the frame of a unit for your event or in an individual training available. Topic: “the last mile in heart and head – customer acquisition in the eMobilitat”. The contents are: how customer in the future, which target groups are formed? What trends are there in buying behaviour, mobility and marketing? What does this mean for my brand, products and services? How position I us on customer needs, customer benefits and product benefits right? Where is my place in the future value chain be? The content can be designed according to requests and needs. Your investment: Gladly we submit an individual offer you.