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Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the Valley of Extremadura, where sits the Monterrey metropolitan area is a place surrounded by huge and beautiful mountains that latest dates you see opaqued by the huge amount of dust pollutants in the atmosphere. And are most powders produced by quarries that extract minerals with dynamite and that 5 years ago had to have been relocated outside the metropolitan area of Monterrey. But it is not. Monterrey is an imminently industrial city. The first mega factories that were installed as Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc, the Fundidora de Fierro, Vidriera Monterrey and tinplate and steel, Blade, settled on the banks of the then-fledgling city. Soon, the urban development hapless factories and normal and irregular settlements were established around the factories said it in passing, have invested billions of dollars in their processes of industrial restructuring to reduce polluting effects. Not so the quarries which are few and that contaminates indiscriminately the atmosphere of Monterrey. The downside of the matter is that it was already politicized the topic to assume a Deputy and Mayor of the municipality of Santa Catarina, both of the national action party defence of the environment, but inking environment of policy.

And parco is the Governor of the State, Jose Natividad Gonzalez Paras responds with a weak perhaps it is time that will, in allusion to the contaminants quarries. The case of the best so-called Governor of Nuevo Leon, Alfonso Martinez Dominguez who drove the quarries of the municipality of Monterrey and sent them far away, which reminds Santa Catarina where they now operate. But voracious, urban sprawl again engulfed the industry and the problem is now great. Already in the immediate past, Governor Fernando channels Clariond extended by five years over the operating licence of the mountains and hills. That deadline expired in 2006. But it is political from the current Governor Gonzalez Paras let go, let be. With a simple decree he would order.

But you have to see that entrepreneurs they are. Hence we see many things. Meanwhile, pollution consisting of particles smaller than 10 micrometers and up to 2.5 micrometers are harmful to health because they come direct to the alveoli of the lungs and can cause death. This Governor will be the coming year. And I doubt to do something about it. Difficult what carrier is establishing the legality amid a tangle of interests. Original author and source of the article.


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Everyone who has ever played to football quiniela knows how important that is the prognosis for a good prize. Of course if it’s a simple Predictor forecast is everything and there is hardly room for error if you hope to achieve a good result. Luckily there is another way to play the Predictor which is placing a multiple bet, i.e. including double or triple in the forecast. In this way, to be able to choose more than one single sign for each party is much easier to hit and, consequently, the likelihood of doing so fires dramatically.Unfortunately the bet price also rises the same dramatically with each double or triple sign added to the forecast of the Predictor. Fortunately there are some strategies that allow you to make moves of this type at a lower cost as the reduced or conditioned, though always at the expense of losing guarantees that all columns that would form the resultant combination of the original prognosis are not played. Explain this here could take too long and that is not my intention therefore, and finally, the most logical conclusion would be play Predictor trying to find a balance between the forecast to play, the number of double and triple used and the price to pay. An excellent alternative is to join a pity to play betting that otherwise would be unthinkable to assume for oneself. ebsites. If you want to find more information and help to make your Predictor forecasts every day I recommend you visit the following link: original author and source of the article.

San Vicente

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All are located around the pool, thermal and sulphurous baths and an area dedicated to massages using medicinal mud. It is common to see and hear the singing of the birds and the murmur of the wind in the trees. If what is characteristic in the Vinales Valley is to observe the combination of the action of man and nature; in the San Vicente nature has a leading role. From hotel it is easy to travel the distance of the cave known as Cueva del Indio, where you can enjoy a boat ride on a river that flows inside and visit tourist resorts built in some of the caves of the mogotes next to the hotel. The communication between the two valleys is very easy. Many prefer to make the journey between both on foot or by bicycle. Others use a transport that makes daily trips between Vinales and San Vicente, which in addition to enable rapid communication between both places, gives the possibility to stop and walk small sections and take on the next trip. Thanks to this it is possible to take photos of places according to the interest of the traveller without having to stop the vehicle.

Another advantage is that they can use it throughout the day and take it in any part of the route and pay it only once. You already know where to stay. And what to do in Vinales? We recommend you read our next recommendation. Original author and source of the article.

Attorney Marcelo Rodriguez

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A lawsuit for infringement of the law of property intellectual 17.336, whose latest amendments went into effect on May 4, filed the morning of May 19 the regional creator Oscar Ziehlmann, against Daniel Fernandez in his capacity as legal representative of HidroAysen, society composed of Endesa and Colbun that seeks to build five dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers. The appeal was lodged in the Prime Juzgado de Letras de Coyhaique and originates in the publication of the book myths, legends and customs of Aisen of the writer Felix Elias, in which society would have acted as editor, and which contains photographs of his own about his works (carved stones) without permission for such an action. The presentation coincided with the first visit the Executive Vice-President of the society held during that week to the Aysen Region. The disputed book was officially launched in December 2009, a joint activity between the author, HidroAysen and the municipality of Coyhaique. In the letter, sponsored by Attorney Marcelo Rodriguez, Ziehlmann points out that this grave situation is unacceptable to the grantor, as I’ve stated publicly in opposition to the designated project, being a true mockery my rights as a creator of the aforementioned works, that trampling the rights established in law 17.336, are included by the defendant company, my creations in this book. The respondent could not less than knowing that the creations to which I have referred are my intellectual property and that therefore were protected by such legislation. Filed the lawsuit, Rodriguez indicated that his defendant has been absolutely violated his rights, every time that he has a right to intellectual property in their works.

He is author of many carved in stone and they have unfortunately been misused in a book, published and edited, we understand us, HidroAysen’s absolutely illegally, i.e. without respecting intellectual property rights. He referred specifically to article 84 of the 17.336 law which States that which, will incur civil liability without authorization of the owner of the rights or the law, and knowing or should know that it will induce, will allow, facilitate or hides an infringement of any copyright or neighboring rights, delete or alter any rights management information, or distribute, import for distributionemit, communicate or make available to the public copies of works or phonograms, knowing that rights management information has been removed or altered without authorization being understood as rights management all information that identifies the work, its author or the holder of the right on this.

Albert Einstein Interactions

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Imagine one Argentina, structured on criteria of creativity, participation, decentralization of powers publicos(particularmente de la Administracion Publica Nacional o Federal) and demographic deconcentration. Positioned in the dimension deconcentration, considered as a component of the Argentina regarded as a system of interpersonal relations, is not redundant consign be attentive to the latest available census (2001), the Argentine population of our days overspread the 37 million inhabitants. Vale entered in function of participation, there is a pattern of about 26 million voters. The population is distributed in little more than six hundred thousand (1600) settlements ranging from the 600 inhabitants to the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires which is approximately 13 million inhabitants. There is, regardless of the small scattered rural population, several settlements ranging from 100 to 599 inhabitants. Nearly a quarter of the population lies pursuing some kind of study. Without prejudice to any further quantitative precision, can one try to columbrar the result of the sum of interactions arising out of a potential of almost 38 million people mass. It is not simultaneous interactions, but enesimos linkages, of different degrees of intensity, which will become some kind of involvement in any instance.

This synergy is called, and should consider the effects of what we are considering here. This mass of interactions with unavoidable environmental projections, is in turn inserted into the mass of interactions that generate the around of 6400 million of current crew of the Earth ship. A quote from Albert Einstein pregnant of aesthetic value, can help give the psychic mood to tackle what escapes us hands: to the smallest drop of Dew fall from the petal of a rose in the soil affects the farthest star. (With its: until the thinnest hair / makes his shadow on the floor; our Jose Hernandez had overtaken him in his lap of Martin Fierro, 1879) The State of the art, of the multiple studies thereon which are being carried out, with a clear trend to the transdisciplinary, and whose detailed reading is impossible for a single person, evidence of the limitations of the notions of control and organization that were considered as reliable parameters from modernity.

Decentralized Cooperation

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Anyway we can enter search engines based search for decentralised cooperation for development. To give this search order you find there a few listings and you can search in connection with the theme that works. Inpsicon: how is the financial contribution that give to favored projects? Julieta Bustos: well, at this point no aid or international organization gives el100% of the project, generally give 80%, then another 20% remaining it would provide ocon contributions from the same organisation (the applicant) i.e. we put, Forexample, three staff members and we have the infrastructure and that makes 20% and 80% donor chuch Dalo. In some cases, is that you applied to a call and call Inthat give you only 20% or 30% conseguircofinanciacion then what one does is to complete 100% of the resources that are needed. Another important point is that a period of one month approximately so that one apply to laconvocatoria, to leave the call, ideally already have to elaborate draft paraquad not touch that run to apply. The donor organization has three months after derecibida information to respond if they are to give the money and to respond as you vain you do the donation. In some cases the donation made it in machinery, tools, also they can make donations in advertising and anyway one thing it is that most of these donations are non-refundable, that is good for one and all depends on audits that are made. Inpsicon: how is the process of delivering money, audits and follow-up to the proyectoseleccionado? Julieta Bustos: in some cases the entity disburse a percentage, sometimes is 50% in others is less, they can disburse in three or four games, depending on the type of negotiation that is made and then they are going to require results to make the segundodesembolso. All payments that are made must be supported by invoices, they must have all the implications of spending, there are cases where if there is an invoice beneficiary must go to a notary to ascertain the fate of the money.

Time Management

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Time management is the application of certain procedures or tools to achieve our goals or completing a project within a specified period. It is not only applicable in the business world, but also in our daily activities. It is setting goals, planning, organization, analysis, prioritization, monitoring budgets and time available. The time is in fact a very difficult to handle resource. This is the reason why the expression time management means not only the management of the time of one, but it also implies the management of our daily activities to make the best possible use of this. Techniques of time management setting goals: the most important step towards the time management is establishing goals appropriate in the form of tasks or projects. This may take the form of a list of tasks or task with a schedule list fixed end. This can be done both for our daily chores, as well as major projects, in the work on a daily basis or that needed periods of time.

This acts as a reminder of activities for us. An example of a to-do list is a simple shopping list, or phases of development of a product. This helps to not lose sight of the pace at which the tasks are complete, as well as the revision of the strategies adopted. It is also essential to take into account for everyday tasks is not necessary to write every day, and you can save time by keeping a standard list of daily activities as a reminder. Planning: Planning of how we use our time efficiently and helps us in many ways. However, decide which tasks are made in a given time is difficult. To do this, we must know that how to adapt a particular task time for more fruitful results. Planning is the most important step, especially for companies in the online marketplace.