Environmental Concerns

Direct control to one side of the wall explaining visually as earthlings have treated the planet through pollution, garbage, the deadly weapons used in wars, because of the hurricanes, and the high degree of risk of global warming . Talk about polar ice, the misapplication of technology, particularly the burning of large masses of vegetation, the massive use of fuel, the use of household products that cause environmental damage, talks about the extinction of animals, plants etc. speaks of how the average concentration of carbon dioxide has increased from about 475 ppm before the industrial revolution, and Methane levels have doubled in the last 100 years and as the amount of nitrous oxide increases by 0.37 % per annum which means that this planet earth is in danger of extinction Universal.

As the warming would occur more rapidly over land than over the seas. It also explains that global warming would occur late ground to the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases. He continued by stating that colder oceans are absorbing much of the additional heat slowing the warming of the atmosphere and oceans are reaching a level of balance with the highest levels of CO2 and this is producing the final warming. He says that the most frightening is that between one third and half of all glaciers in the world and much of the polar ice caps are melting slowly, and are threatening towns and camps in the valleys that lie under the glacier. It shows how large coastal areas are on the verge of disappearing flooded by the waters that amount from 0.7 to 4 m., according to various estimates. .