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Lack of general information – increase of stress Accomplishment of procedures technician without desumanizao of binomial RN- family Promotion of the integral care to the family and the RN 06 MOLINA, Rosemeire Cristina Moretto, et al. Valuation for the family of the interaction with the supplied Well-taken care of members of the team without desumanizao Establishment of a reliable relation and promotion of ways of 07 insertion FLEET, Mirna Albuquerque, et al. ___ Well-taken care of with ethics and sensitivity Support of the team of health for insertion of the family 08 GOMES, Magda Maria Blacksmith Parents as strange agents to the care Promotion for the team of an ample care the humanizao of the assistance passing for the convivncia with family 09 WERNET, Monika; NGELO, Margareth Relationship with the team as factor of stress ___ ___ 10 WEDGE, Maria Luzia Chollopetz of the Valuation of the form of the given care Union between technology and care as transforming of the surrounding Importance given to the family for the health team Source: Picture elaborated for the proper author 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES: Considering the presented results, the author considers that the considered objectives of the study had been at the beginning reached. However, it is necessary to detach some important points that they had been evidenced during the research. He was evidenced in all the searched articles that, in the truth, the majority of the authors not yet considers the familiar opinion as measuring of the existence or not of a care truily humanizado. For many authors, the judgment made for the professionals is sufficiently so that if can affirm if this care is humanizado or not. Of searched articles, nine considered the idea to promote strategies for insertion of the family of this just-born in the given cares it for the team.

It is standed out here, that the authors relate not only to the insertion strategies as to open the unit for entrance of the family, but yes to divide with familiar accomplishment of basic cares and that they can be carried through without physiological damage to the neonato. As for the primordial objective of this study, the searched articles demonstrate that, many times, the family if considers as mere expectadora of the carried through cares as just-been born. This leads, therefore the situations of stress with the members of the responsible team for the neonato and generates anxiety feelings when it has lack of information. But, the analyzed researchers also tell that when has the true philosophy of the humanizado care and this family she is inserted in this way, what they will go to really matter for, it is the quality of the cares, is the existence or not of affection on the part of the health team, it is the valuation of the form of the care. The humanizado care is a repetitive subject for times. But, what many times if see are that the philosophy is indeed repetitive, but practical the many times inexist and when it exists, it does not occur in its form full. She is necessary to completely insert the philosophy of the care in all the institutions. Moreover, it is necessary to arraigar this philosophy in the mind of the health professionals, mainly when these take care of of just-been born interned in unit of intensive therapy. Today, literature still lacks of studies that can demonstrate opini

The Possibility

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Then, Vieira (2010) approaches that: ' ' In such a way, the familiar planning must be understood as a strategy that, adjusted ace characteristic sociocultural places, promotes education in reproductive health, disponibilize available contraceptive methods and guarantees the professional assistance at an opportune moment, daily pay-concepcional' ' (Vieira, 2010.p.8). Farmacolgicos aspects of the contraceptive ones you pray As already displayed above it is basic to understand the aspects farmacolgicos of these drugs so that eventual complications or indesejados effect can be applied with bigger security, preventing. In agreement with the study of Carreno et al. (2006): ' ' The contraceptive methods are the allies of the couple/partners to reach success in the familiar planning, preventing pregnancies not desired with its adjusted use, beyond the condoms to provide the prevention of sexually transmissible illnesses and the AIDS. Innumerable contraceptive methods exist, but it is known that, in Brazil, it has hegemony of two methods in special, the verbal contraception and the tie tubria' ' (CARRENO et al., 2006, p.1102). The contraceptive ones you pray (STEEL) are divided in two widely used contraceptive classrooms in the basic attention: the associations of estrgenos/progestin (these calls of hormonais methods combined single-phase, two-phase or three-phase) and only with progestin (minipills) (DAVID et al., 2009).

The STEEL agreed contains two synthetic hormones, the estrognio and the progestognio, fellow creatures to the produced ones for the ovrio of the woman and more is known as pill being the available more efficient reversible methods contraceptive and at the same time they are used in Brazil (BRAZIL, 2009). The particularitity marcante of the STEEL is the use easiness, even so the biggest problem is the fact of the necessity of daily ingestion that in turn can confer the possibility of if having frequent esquecimento, with increase of the contraceptive failure rate (GILLIAM, KNIGHT and MCCARTHY, 2004). Thinking about this above-mentioned reason, it fits to the health professional that is in the fornecimentos of aconselhamentos of this STEEL, to emphasize the way adjusted for its use, that is, to excuse to orientaes how much its dosages and optimum schedule for its ingestion, so that the possible collateral effect have its tax of reduced incidence.

The Psychologist

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Amongst the objectives of inclusion of the psychologist of the ESF they are: to give to information the community on mental health, identification of carriers of biological patologias that presents mental comprometimento, creation of a therapeutical, similar space of that the community can carry through exchanges of experiences developing its potentialities, interaction of the members of the team, stimulating reflection and quarrel on its way operandi next to community and generation of feedback for the multiprofessional team of the ESF. The proposals of activities to be carried through for the psychologist are: to carry through informative groups (composites for the patient), psycotherapy in group (raising aouto-they esteem through the promotion to the auto-care and aid mutual, being based on experiences lived for the patients), theater (that objective to center the attention of the patient in abstract subjects), domiciliary visit, individual consultations and groups of professional therapy (composed for the members of the team that objective to facilitate to these members deals it with the problems found in the day the day of the program) (JUNIRO, 2003). The social assistant as member of the multiprofessional team of the ESF still is a point of questionings and quarrels. According to Jnior (2003), for the nature of the formation and peculiarity of the qualification of this professional, the social assistant becomes ' ' engrenagem' ' basic for the clearing up of questions almost always obscure to the too much members as social differences, ethnic differences and etc. Some professionals of the health team pass for problems in regions where the social differences are distinguished, cultural, ethnic, therefore one determined group or person can react of different form the same technique or developed planning, of this form the social assistant could become more easy the work of the multiprofessional teams, suggesting to them strategies and ways of quarrel found problems, beyond providing a partner-cultural diagnosis to them of the taken care of region. .

Strategic Planning

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At last, it was advanced the Third Step of the Strategical Planning Situacional (FEET): Listed the problems, it must be decided which of them we will go to face first. For this, we go to measure where conditions we ahead find in them of the problems. We must take in account our governabilidade, our capacity, our will, the impact that the problem has on our performance and as the problem affects in them. (IT HISSES, 2005, 8) How much to the problems of number 2 and 3, the group revealed much will in solving them, however, reflecting on the question of the governabilidade and the capacity of resolution, perceived that the will would not be enough only, but that the implementation of public politics of efficient basic sanitation and ambient education would be necessary, and still, of available material and financial resources. The group opted then, for working with the problem number 1 and directing the others later. In this taking of decision it was important to consider what it affirms Coutinho to follow: The globalization and the new technologies significantly change the notion of time. The volatileness that characterizes this new economic order very becomes difficult the planning of long stated period. …

The strategical plan, on the contrary of the managing plan, does not inlay in itself lines of direction of long stated period. It looks at the city for the bias of the chance, the vocations and economic potential, and traces strategies politics, social, cultural, of projects that maximize chances and vocations. (COUTINHO, 1999, 23) the room step of the instrument of Planejamento Estratgico Participativo (PEP) guides that if it searchs the causes of the chosen problem, that, according to authors, nor always appear, but that, if found, they facilitate to the understanding and the resolution of the situation problem. It comments Hisses: After chosen the problem that we will go to face, we must explain it, that is, to search its causes, that many times do not appear.