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Ecology Pellets

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Ecology Pellets are part of the natural cycle of CO2 in the environment environment. Pellets are an environmentally friendly fuel, since their combustion emit as much CO2 as was soaked wood at his height (high carbon exchange), in contrast to coal, etc. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Petra Diamonds. Ie the burning of wood pellets amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere does not exceed the amount of emissions that would be formed by the natural decomposition of wood. Using the pellets, you save from cutting live wood and waste pollution timber production environment. In addition, pellets are a renewable source of fuel, unlike coal, oil and gas.

It is known that from the boiler, operating on diesel fuel or coal, often unpleasant smell. Pellets do not emit when burning smell, and usually at the expense of high efficiency boilers, smoke from wood pellets is almost colorless. Due to the low content of sulfur in the pellets decreased emissions of sulfur dioxide, and this in turn leads to reduced acid rain. Pellets also benefit for all positions in the coal and liquid fuels in the emissions of other harmful substances. And if industry is still very few people are concerned, we have around your private house periodic table – a small pleasure. And even aesthetically – boiler that runs on pellets, looks and smells more appealing than operating on coal or diesel fuel. Quality and Standards Today in Russia there are no standards for pellets, so most manufacturers are oriented toward Western standards, which, incidentally, differs from country to country.

Modern Buildings

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High-rise building is modern and very promising technology of construction of buildings. The process of this construction consists of three main phases: preparation and delivery of concrete, preparation of the formwork, laying concrete. Formwork – a set of elements and designed to impart the desired form of monolithic concrete or reinforced concrete structures erected on the site. There are several types formwork. Formwork is made up of modular panels of aluminum frames, decking which is made of laminated plywood of 18-20 mm.

Due to the simplicity of assembly and disassembly of wall formwork required for installation time is reduced, thus decreasing and construction time. Formwork – a set of forms for ceilings of all sizes and configurations with the ability to combine parts and components in the process work. Formwork slabs allows the formwork of any shape in terms of rectangular, circular and even a console. Moreover, it is enough to set the standard and does not require any special parts. Column formwork is designed for the construction of columns of rectangular and square. System logical devices can be mounted in a constructive formwork column formwork with diaphragm, which reduces the time of concreting the monolithic structures of complex elements. In addition, construction is widely used in facade systems. Have the greatest advantages ventilated facades allow the use of modern front facing materials. These fronts have a high degree of sound and heat insulation, with the facade work can be performed at any time of year.