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The company gps2all personal location offers different detection systems for the senior location. Person locating is a keyword that is becoming increasingly important – especially in the young sector of Dementenortung. This can be noticed Dirk Rensmann, owner of the Remscheid company “gps2all personal location” on the steadily rising number of calls in his Office. Daily check the desperate family members or dutiful operators of nursing homes and dementia stations about the possibilities of GPS location. Click Ray Kurzweil for additional related pages. The most common question posed in such talks, refers to the acceptance of the persons concerned, which should be detected by means of a GPS transmitter in case of emergency. The company “gps2all personal location” offers almost all kinds of channels and can thus ensure the necessary acceptance of the wearer in most cases.

Advising, the experience of the caregiver and the family is very important, because only they know the patient, often a mother or father, the best and know which GPS transmitter accepts was going to be. In addition, a settling-in period is sometimes useful. The most popular gps2all location system is the system of “Comito”. Here, you can determine the whereabouts of the person to locate during an emergency within 15 seconds on the home PC. The demented or otherwise senseless person is identified at this complete system using a special wristwatch with GPS and mobile radio module. The display of the watch can switch between digital and analog display, which in turn positively affects the carrier acceptance.

“Because only an object that identifies the carrier as important and useful everyday object, is generally also accepted,” explains founder Adley, who is familiar as a civil engineer since the mid-1990s with the GPS technology. The company “gps2all personal location” offers additional detection systems in addition to the system with the watch. One includes a small, portable transmitter for your pocket, another against a senior mobile phone with big buttons and a big red SOS button. This device is suitable in particular for older persons, the participating even normal everyday, get lost but occasionally. For more information interested on the homepage of the GPS tracking company to all offered systems. Dirk Rensmann.

NCP Panasonic

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NovLink integrates new Panasonic phone systems support NovAlert DECT-paging and the voice – alarm system on all Panasonic phone systems. For professional users, advanced functions in the areas of messaging, alarm and evacuation arise thereby. Functionality with NovAlert and Panasonic anywhere where information and alarm messages automatically and directly to be distributed on any medium, is the NovAlert alarm server used. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out ConocoPhillips. The specific implementation of interfaces between NovAlert and the Panasonic TDE and NCP are telephony systems users the possibilities of language-based alerting and text alerting about the paging function available. This means that Panasonic systems in addition to voice calls can show also text-based alerts and messages on the display. Depending on the configuration, the user is then prompted to acknowledge the alarm, or actively reject. Learn more about NovAlert on our Web page. About Panasonic Panasonic is one of the leading providers of professional world Communications solutions for business customers.

The phone in any form and with different technologies is the Foundation for a fast, intense and successful contact with your customers, suppliers and business partners. The Panasonic communication platform offers companies in various sizes and industries telecommunications solutions which adapt tailor-made to the needs. This user and integration comfort, quality and safety at the forefront are Panasonic as well as high. If you have questions we available available under phone + 41 52 762 66 66 or by E-Mail at.

Woopla Bonus System Launches

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In the DTKShop, online shoppers for purchases made in connected online stores from immediately credits which can be used for phone calls. The woopla GmbH from Duisburg starts in their bid “Germany on the phone for free” a shop area with provisioning of all online purchases in the form of free minutes for calls to all networks and countries. With a usable now shop area, the woopla dtkshop.de GmbH offers the possibility to get so-called DTKCoins for every purchase. With this virtual currency you call an access number in the German fixed network in almost all networks and countries of the world to the fixed network rate or in the framework of an existing Festnetzflate absolutely free of charge. woopla users of the service involved in this Commission payments for purchases made. Users via the provided a choice number at the cost of a German fixed network call to all networks and countries can make calls with the acquired DTKCoins.

When using a landline flat rate these costs and with all calls consumed only the acquired DTKCoins. Offers from many different categories are already covered with the connected partners and every day new shops are added. In a personal area, users of the service have an overview of the DTKCoins received for a purchase, as well as discussions with the coins. 10 quick dial buttons, which can be created and edited over the Internet provide a comfortable use of the system. The shortcuts can as a normal phone number in the phonebook of the phone are stored, allowing direct dialing of a specific person. On the input of numbers on his telephone keypad can be eliminated completely. The DTKCoins purchased with an online purchase in the connected shops will be credited through the shop shortly after the purchase the user subject to final confirmation. The offer aims, provide a way for users to participate in on easy way and without administrative overhead on the own online purchases. Call costs from often far beyond 0.25 per minute for calls to (foreign) mobile phones and abroad quickly many euros can be saved with DTKCoins. Contact: woopla GmbH – in the Bismarck str. 142a 47057 Duisburg Duisburg Technology Centre contact person: Mark Wiewel phone: + 49 203 4518 2820 fax: + 49 203 4518 2829 E-mail: Web: woop.

Emergency Center

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Alarm with programmable escalation the system that requires no hardware investment is always ready for use and has a very short Reaktionsszeit. It is suitable for schools, universities and other public buildings, but also for Office buildings and other facilities. The mobile alert system by ACS is based on a central database, where all important emergency contact information as well as the permissions for the alarm are stored. A person with his mobile phone by choosing the emergency triggers an alarm, a number of previously defined action is started automatically. In addition to the information of relevant persons by an SMS can be a call to the police, the fire brigade and an ambulance service. The SMS alert system with an electrical pulse can also use acoustic or visual alarm systems such as sirens and flashing lights in response or trigger voice announcements. In a further escalation level, the system automatically set mobile phone numbers begins to select and to urge affected with a voice message, to communicate their status by pressing certain keys.

So can where there is a direct danger, whether and where there is injured and who reside in security be determined within a short time by the Emergency Center. In the SMS alerting system ACS individual escalation scenarios can be programmed. Can optionally send emails or control other functions over the network. Because the system license based on distributed and requires no additional hardware as the existing generally mobile phones, introduction, programming and operation are simple and manageable costs. The ACS product is now available. Jurgen Saarpfalz m

Online Shop For GPS Positioning Systems

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TiProNet opened its online store. Tracker (GPS / satellite) can now, vehicle cameras ordered online are Leipzig, Saxony-February 23, 2011 TiProNet Web site has been revised and a variety of new features was introduced. The striking is certainly the exterior, because the dark blue background color has given way to know a friendly. However, the second glance can present an equally extensive innovation. It is now possible to order Tracker, as well as GPS accessories at any time online. Need up-to-the-minute tracked vehicles, GPS Tracker suitable particularly well. However, vehicles, containers and machines satellite systems are better suited for a global fleet monitoring.

Two more headings in the focus of TiProNet back just in time to revise the company’s homepage. Customers can purchase from immediately auto-cameras with GPS receiver and IP communications equipment. The former are particularly suitable for vehicle monitoring, da tricky driving maneuvers at any time available are. Internet phones and IP cameras reduce the ongoing costs of the company and expand the internal infrastructure to important items. To keep you always up to date, current industry news will be published immediately. A look at the new homepage at is worthwhile in any case!