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A remedy old wives tale recommend using a little alcohol in your baby’s gums? It is strongly recommended NOT to do this. While the primary teeth at a time is replaced by permanent teeth, which are very important for several reasons? including chewing and speech. Once these teeth can be cleaned with a special toothbrush. Make sure you never let your baby sleep with a bottle. This will lead to tooth decay. If a baby is bottle-fed or breastfed, will be vulnerable to “baby bottle tooth decay.” Decay occurs when freshly sprouted baby teeth are exposed to liquids containing sugars (basically, anything other than water) for long periods of time. Bacteria in the mouth grow sugar, which attack the tooth enamel and cause cavities.

The best treatment for “baby bottle tooth decay” is prevention. Do not let your baby use a bottle as a pacifier or fall asleep with a bottle containing anything but water. Also, be sure to gently clean your teeth and gums after each meal. You can also view some of the symptoms of teething? In general, these are pretty harmless. For example, when a drool rash, red rash can be seen on the face, lips, chin and chest. This can be washed with warm water and a cloth and your doctor may prescribe a lanolin ointment as treatment for it. Sometimes, other symptoms may include mild diarrhea and a cough caused by excess saliva dripping down the throat of the baby. a Those are some good tips to use to care for your baby’s teeth: Clean your baby’s mouth before the teething process.

You can wipe the gums after each feeding with a damp cloth and warm. Take good care of the teeth once they begin to enter familiaerroneamente Some parents believe that because primary teeth are replaced at the end is not as important? this is false, and to preserve the space for permanent teeth, not to mention help with chewing and speaking. actively monitor caries? If you see any discoloration or pitting then they could be signs of cavities. Try to prevent your baby to sleep with milk (or even worse sweet juice) because it could lead to cavities. Besides the monitoring of food with water, which helps wash foods for infants more easily. a Introduce a toothbrush as soon as possible. It should also monitor the fluoride intake of your baby as this can help prevent tooth decay. It is also important to schedule a dental check for your baby? shortly after the first year is a good time for first visit. Creating practice dental right from the start will help ensure that your baby is still a good oral hygiene for years into the future.