Housing Code

Without water, heat, electricity also impossible. And for their favor of the latter. It turns out that the landlord gets a virtually unlimited opportunities for knocking out the money from the pockets of tenants. And where does hoa. By law, HOAs – a legal entity as a factory, shop or bank.

HOAs can pick up debts (not paid for repairs or were unable to repay the loan, etc.) And then the hoa for the debts of bankrupt and sold at auction. A unique property of hoa – a house, which houses the your apartment! How is it done? It's easy! Fate hoa members is entirely in the hands of management, chairman and accountant. For a very fair chairman People come and say: "Make your hoa bankruptcy – the debtor and get twenty million of us. " As a rule, honesty is over. Bankrupt – hoa sold at auction. One can imagine the magnitude of "kickbacks" that will receive the organizers of such tender for the sale of the house – bankruptcy cheaper. For residents of old and damaged houses question is particularly acute! Or a lifetime to work on kvarplatu or included in the movement against the hoa.

Pays for what a member of the HOA: Once you are included in the hoa, you have to hang up "costs tenure: 1. Costs for a passport at home. Performs a private firm for big money. And not otherwise. 2. Admission fee. 3. Contributions for the cap. Home repairs. 4. Real estate tax at the market price value of the property. 5. Contributions to the reserve fund (in case of accidents, unexpected payments, etc.). 6. Tax on your share of the common property of HOA: basements and attics, which can be leased, staircases, land near the house. 7. Insurance fee to your footage apartment. 8. Income tax expense for those leases an apartment for rent. 9. Fines imposed on HOAs (for example, for tax evasion, violation of sanitary and building codes, fire safety, etc.). 10. Penalties for late payment of any works and services. 11. Penalty (for breach of contract: for example, you hired repairmen, but not vyplateli salaries on time). 12. Tax on land under the house and around the house. By the way, after the formation of condominiums house becomes a private home ownership). After adoption of new Tax Code, payment for land for private housing has increased greatly. Mutual responsibility: members of the hoa must pay for all the inhabitants of the house, even for tenants who are unwilling or unable to give money for utilities and to make contributions. Otherwise, the whole house will renovate the house. Likewise, each member of the hoa pays for heat and light in hallways, stairwells, basements and cherdokah. HOAs do not escape from alone: the the new Housing Code, the lawful gathering of residents can spend at least half of tenants. Decision of the meeting is mandatory for all residents of the building! (Sm. Code art. 44.45, 48, 135, 137, 138). You understand the danger hoa? Do not want to get yourself private landlord? Advance (before the ad will appear on the meeting) explain to neighbors that awaits them after the creation of condominiums. That at any meeting of a majority of residents say no hoa! Illegal creation of HOAs has already happened in Kuzminkah.Doma Kuzminok sead in Moscow nazakonno vchklyuchili in HOAs.