Car Switchboard

We continue with the preparation of a motor, in this post we will speak of the electronic switchboard. This switchboard (we spoke of the one of the motor) is the one in charge to administer all the components that the yield of motor (times of injection, air volume etc) affects Therefore it is an element to consider to improve the benefits of our motor. Many companies are those that are dedicated to express the electronics of our switchboards they do since it? here the answer comes. Basically they vary the parameters that the manufacturer introduced to him to the car makes in it where I make this they do since it? well, generally these companies have several types of separated cartographies by specific models, connect our car to their computer and install the new cartography (like your you would install something in your PC) calm if we are soon not satisfied with the new cartography, can always be returned to put the one that we had of We must differentiate two types different from preparations.The cartography to gain power, we must here know clearly no matter how much they say in his announcements famous &quot to us; desire power and losses the consumption " by own experience in several cases this is lie, certain that power gains since the injectors are but open times but for this same reason the consumption is but But of this, apart from which the car will consume but (that it does not have to be one beats if what you look for it is extra power) is that the life of the components is reduced, to the injectors is demanded to them that they inject to but pressure, reason why all the components generally work over their standard (although always the manufacturers leave a margin) but you know clearly that the life utility of the motor will be reduced between 30000 and 50000 km In case " you pocket a ball " a diesel car, whenever you sink the pedal prepararos to leave behind you a black fog thick good. Another type of cartography that you can install is one economic to improve the consumption of your car, obvious you will lose something of power, your personal opinion will depend if slight the lost one of benefits is worth the trouble by the new consumption of your car.