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Management System

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At the present time in our economy come attempts to introduce innovative solutions that improve efficiency. However, these processes occur very slowly, which is not mentioned once in the highest stands. This is due both the mentality, and with the banal reluctance to increase the transparency of business, that would be able to fish in troubled waters. For example, in the trucking industry can be observed instances of theft of fuel, spare parts, and Supplies rogue employees. Obviously, the introduction of advanced management techniques, and above all electronic documents to help reveal the hidden reserves of the head of the enterprise. Only application of an accounting of travel sheets will reduce fuel consumption, prevent the fulfillment of the left low, to reduce the managerial staff. Like any innovation automation of accounting sheets travel frequently encounters resistance of a fleet of employees. This may be due to the inability and unwillingness to work on the computer, as well as the fact that the program does all the transparency of business prrotsessy.

It is obvious that the program will just that it will provide the dispatcher. As is well known in the form route sheet indicated fuel consumption rate and the actual. Accordingly, if the driver will drain the fuel, the program will point to the overrun fuel. It is also necessary to make timely traffic logs into the program, not to break the chain runs. For a reliable record of fuel for each trip ticket must be accompanied by a check on the fuel, if it was made for cash. If the dressing is made by coupons, then each charging must be considered, using the petrol bill.

They also entered into a computer. When the company a lot of cars, it is necessary to organize work information system through the network. Feature of this work is that each employee can set access rights. For example, the dispatcher can only enter the traffic logs to the database, but is unable to change rates of fuel consumption. The physical data base of travel-sheet located on one computer, called a server. When issuing travel sheet must be completed trip sheet or a task for the driver. This is required by tax authorities as to write off the fuel should prove that the car was used for production needs. The grounds for cancellation are the routes in the waybill. If routes constants, such as the transportation of passengers, the best way out is to use manual route. Road safety is now being given a lot of time. Maintaining the car working condition is the result of the timely passage of maintenance. Since the standards for to bound to run, then the record keeping sheet travel in the program runs on the TS-1 and TS-2 calculated automatically. It was also possible to calculate the average mileage to plan then the previous periods. Obviously, the use of new technology requires new thinking from the leaders. Application Management System autoenterprise gives them new opportunities, and their business – the second breath.

Transport Security

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Currently, transportation systems of all developed nations are becoming more integrated. This leads to the need to create in each country, an independent body to investigate the catastrophe, which will maintain public confidence in these types of transport and learn from accidents. Improvement of transport safety is a difficult task on a global scale, it is under scrutiny media attention around the world. Any serious accident at any point on the globe immediately covered by all media online, becoming known to millions of people in each country. Everybody wants to know cause of the accident and be sure that will take all measures to prevent similar catastrophes in future.

In this regard, the establishment of independent bodies investigating the accident and the accident is not a luxury but a necessity. No government entity or commercial establishment is unable to investigate its own actions and supervise their activities. Therefore, all countries should have an independent investigative organization, operating separately from other government departments, to oversee the management and operation of transportation systems. Such commissions to investigate disasters and traffic accidents are now available in some countries, but yet in many states the investigation is still conducted by government officials, who themselves write the draft regulations and ensure their compliance. In some countries, may form ad hoc committees led to any officer, not related to transport, to investigate the incident.

In each of these cases laid the potential for an inevitable conflict of interest. By competing interests due responsibility to the security, economy, government and society, the independent investigative commission can serve as guarantors of security in the public interest and provide objective and impartial investigation, as well as the accountability of government and industry. In connection with the ongoing globalization of our transportation systems, those who are investigating the accident and the accident, in particular, aircraft can not operate in isolation. We must all work together, sharing facts investigating accidents and disasters, lessons learned and conclusions to improve the safety and potential means of eliminating the identified problems. Should be fully in force a system of cooperation for the exchange of factual and timely information.