Engine Powerplant

An Engine power plant should have the following characteristics: Enhanced braking system, stability, delay, stability, increasing the thickness of brake pads, high yield, improved braking characteristics. Can be combined with systems of ABS / ASR. Frame for a truck heavy class HOWO 7 series uses the frame of stainless steel, high strength, low weight, high resistance to stress. Broad front frame, behind a narrow (in front of 1000 mm, rear 850 mm). All sites have a frame control openings. Mounting holes are made with high accuracy.

Height of center of gravity of the vehicle lowered, increased stability. The frame expands to create a specialized machinery to the chassis of the truck. Engine Powerplant heavy-duty truck HOWO 7 series – is the engine of the advanced level among employed on trucks in China. Power is 266-420 PS, power distribution box on the gear ratios is the management, covering power of the engine speed widest, tallest traction, the best efficiency, exhaust complies with Euro-2, after finishing meets Euro-3. Main Features: – well-designed system of inlet and outlet provides a comprehensive improvement of the supply system of fuel mixture and exhaust gases. Reduced resistance of pipelines, significantly increased resource engine, fully reduced fuel consumption.

The design of the intake tract prevents rain water ducts, radically solve the problem of water entering the engine. Used air filter tiered dust removal for high-grade air purification. – Excellent reliability. Key engine components – products known world producers, heavily loaded parts are strengthened and improved, the highest the degree of increased reliability of assembly and increased the mileage service.