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National Plan

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The Report VISION 2020: Transforming Education and Training Through Advanced Technologies made public by the Government of The United States draws the scenes of the education to twenty years seen and warns that the new technologies not only will improve the educational systems, but will modify the same naturalaza of the education. The report has been elaborated at the request of the Ministry of Commerce by an ample group of experts in the evolution of the society and education. Its content is explained with the experience of a personage, Iona, a girl of twelve years, who lives in virtual worlds the majors educative sensations. The idea of the North American minister of Education, Rod Paige, is that these visions help the implantation of the National Plan of Technological Education because, according to it explains, the construction of a strong America implies to assure that each boy receives the suitable education. The report indicates that the future technologies of the information will be fed on ample dynamic contents that will simultaneously integrate the movement, the vision and the sound, which together with the awaited discoveries in simulated worlds by computer and to which they will contribute the new generations of the technologies of the information, they will bring about a deep change in the form and the contents of the lessons of the different degrees. Very interesting the vision of the United States on the matter of the future perspective of the education, especially as indicates the source of intelligence to it, on the needs that are going to raise this technological development applied to the education, since these groups of professionals will demand the union of different academic and educative disciplines to develop the contents of the new universe that is abre to the education based on the present and immediate technologies, in whose design will have also to be implied.

Direct Digital Marketing

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The association, of which Gupost is partner, Integra to more than 500 companies interested in the development of the digital economy for the impulse and the defense of its interests. The Spanish Association of the Digital Economy (adigital) is fruit of the transformation of FECEMD, the Spanish Federation of the Digital Economy (old Federation of Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing) and of its integral associations: the Spanish Association of Electronic Commerce and Relational Marketing, the Association of Contact Spanish Center, the Association of Digital Agencies, the Association of remote Sale and the Spanish Association of Fundraising. The beginnings of these associations began 25 years ago and all of them have seen be born and progress the digital revolution during all these years. The world-wide economy at the moment is suspended but the digital economy yes continues growing. The social Internet, Web 2,0, networks (so fashionable at the moment) and, generally, the new technologies, do not stop growing, and they become something fundamental in all type of business strategies. Also they have become vitally important elements in its relation with the clients, employees and suppliers.

Gupost, knowing all this, completes its business of Direct Marketing and Marketing Promotional with the incorporation of action of communication Online in its products. Now with the new digital changes designing a publicity campaign goes implcita the inclusion of multi-channel communication (mailing, emailing, social networks, press online .) depending who are the clients and to that public it goes directed the campaign of Direct Marketing. In Gupost we advised and we helped to the companies in the election of these different channels, managing of principle to aim the operative creation and from the action to realise. We adapted to this technological revolution. Gupost, like partner of the new Spanish Association of Digital, adigital Economy, is to the current of the new features that take place in the technology and the digital economy.