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Last, only exclusion asked did not come on.Don t wanna did not answer his question, just use the eyes to the numerous guard you from what people’s life to take the Yang Zhifu made what, should work to take while the Jinyi Wei said no, but his look and demeanor have expressed to signal, the you did t know who I am. Bold, dare to do and we speak. His arrogant behavior to these will come from large guard also irritated by.Although they are the South Town Fu personas, but wearing it division to flying suit had been feared, and this time they really are ordered to man, did not expect here has also so act blindly and recklessly. The man smiled grimly since you want to know what thing, also with us to Nanjing. That begin to gently move, there is two individual go up, reach out to the shoulder buttons.Although they see be fearless.

Speculation about his identity is not simple, but since I do not know, anyway, refused to take the identity revealed that when Men s North Face Denali Vests, have offended his own that I have suffered from it should be.But in the south the different after all capital, the majority of the just, right, or wait for aged people, the Jinyiwei also afraid of offending the people. Now that you understand this, the two command forward guard hands-on nature will not light up, one hand is hurt and wrong bone Kung Fu, although they may not be how to get Wu Yi, as a guard with the Kung Fu but is must be trained, they firmly believe that as long as their hands to take on the shoulderI could not move. But the situation is far beyond the presence of all expectations, just listen to a drink, a person break has-been in the body before, this one foot taller than him half head, big lot, it will I give completely blocked in his behind, and the two then to guard hand would somehow fall in his hands. Don t see how I force, reverse the two guard was called out in pain, it is of course Sima Jun Yi.In, it is reverse. Dare and I guard hands, can not set you a beating high crime. The guard said sternly, but his face was pale, apparently barking dogs seldom bite. One smile, wave, let them alone. Sima Jun Yi Desde after South Liaodong to have never played with people moving, North Face Windbreaker Jackets, and finally can be played on a course is very excited, hearing the words is not Gandhi let go of the hand, then popping out small eyes looked to the provocation the Jinyi wei. The guard while a grudge, but know not the tower as a strongman competitors, so very wise not to.Now sit in an ostentatious manner to hall chair, inaugurbajo taunt tunnel I when Zhen Fu had multiple Oh, so much for division. You are not qualified to speak with me, and find some important enough to talk to me.The name of the Jinyiwei face suddenly sank, the other is obviously not place themselves in the heart, but this time as a person is to calm down.