In previous articles, we’ve been playing this theme that is quite important for those wishing to truly change certain habits that in one way or another interfere in professional and/or personal development. For this case, we’ve been talking whether it is really possible to help generate techniques so our memory capacity is increased. Well, before you start with this, it is necessary to understand how it is that our mind is working, which is what makes us at given time to react one way or another, taking clear this, you will understand how it is possible to develop techniques for memory. Our human brain, is made up of two hemispheres, which independently to fulfil a specific function. They are assigned to each work that we perform as natural but that our brain processes as appropriate. Everything we do consciously is being managed by the left hemisphere, on the other hand, the actions or involuntary processes, are determined by the right hemisphere, for example, our heart, our internal systems as the nervous and circulatory systems, are conducted autonomously by the aforementioned hemisphere. Other features that can help you understand the functions of each hemisphere are: left hemisphere is, rational, analytical, logical, sequential, deductive. Remember words parts and numbers, manage the colors white and black.

I think it is clear enough, this part of our brain is our conscious part and thanks to its functions we can fulfil those tasks mentioned above. Right hemisphere is creative, visionary, side, space, remembers faces and images and is responsible for managing the colors not processed by the left hemisphere. This hemisphere is our creative side, this hemisphere is that in many cases generated great geniuses in different areas such as acting, music, painting, arts in general. This part of our hemisphere is our unconscious part, and is in this hemisphere where will work to program our minds and generate the techniques of study or skills that We want to run automatically. Interesting isn’t it? We will gradually developing the theme to reach our purpose. Important that you start to analyze you and review which part of your brain already think you have more developed, your analytical part (left hemisphere) or your creative side (right hemisphere), leave a comment with the results you got after autoanalizarte. In upcoming articles we will be teaching step by step what to do to start working with your mind. Don’t forget to return.