This whole process of manufacture of springs involve multiple units and mechanisms of the machine, each of which controlled by a special computer. The operator usually sets only the characteristics (diameter, height, etc.) and the required number of springs. In the production of the spring unit process is as follows as follows: 1) production of springs, and 2) the connection of the spiral spring band, for the production of spring steel wire blocks are used, usually with a diameter of 2.2 mm. On a special machine bent spring dvuhkonusnye cups with the reference loop (base diameter) 88-89 millimeters and a height of 80-120 mm. 80-100 mm cups, usually made chetyrehvitkovymi, and 120 mm – pyativitkovymi. The next step is making spring units connection of the spiral ribbon cups between them.

As a result of this operation is obtained unmounted spring unit. A further stage of production, if box spring is supposed to produce the reinforced frame is a frame construction and connection of the frame with spring unit with metal brackets. At the request of manufacturers' spring unit can okantovyvatsya one or two frames, or have none at all. The most prevalent among the manufacturers of springs, such as "Bonnel," the Swiss company equipment SPHUL, though there are English and Italian lines. The technology combination of mattress can select multiple joining technology components of the mattress.

They are: 1) American technology "zeroing", 2) European technology assembly mattress with a special glue 3) cheholnaya technology. 1. This American sighting Technology is making a single, molded products, which has enough mechanical strength and durability.