The Antarctic

If we go away of trip to the Antarctic, first that we are going to need it is shelter clothes. For the outer shells we recommended clothes of skiar, of Gore-Tex preferably because it is windscreen and for-water. For the inner layers, never cotton. We can choose clothes of synthetic fiber or wool clothes 100%. In order to protect to us of the sun, sun glasses and cream with a very high protection factor.

For the feet, boots of water. For the hands, gloves of Gore-Tex also. By all means, wool cap and wool scarf. It is necessary to consider that the trips to the Antarctic are realised during the austral summer and, although we are going to the Antarctic, the temperature habitually is over zero at those moments of the year. If we go of trip to the Antarctic, we do not forget the camera to make photos, of several shipper and several battery, memory cards of the batteries. Also of the videocamera, of its battery, memory cards and shipper of batteries. And, of course, the tripod to help us in the most complicated photos.

Also he is interesting to take a knapsack of Gore-Tex, to be able to put all this within the knapsack and that does not get wet anything of way to the disembarkation beach. What we can more need? Very many desire to know the place more tuna the world. In the Antarctic we will find the majors glaciers of the world, crystalline waters, calm bays, very many amount of wild fauna and a very variable climate. So we do not let ourselves embobar by the surroundings and whenever we leave the boat, we make it preparations to confront any climatic change. Have a good travel, explorers!