The Disequilibrium

That is, if it will be able to act on the knowledge object to insert it in a reception system. – From deriving results of its biological research, Piaget concluded that all the species inherit two basic trends: organization and adaptation. – Organization – combination, ordinance, recombination, reordenao of behaviors and thoughts in coherent systems. – Adaptation – the people also inherit the trend of if adaptarem to its environment. the adaptation engloba two basic processes: assimilation and room. – According to Piaget, to organize, to assimilate and to accomodate can be seen as a complex act of stabilization. It affirms that the changes effective in the thought occur due to a equilibrao process. – To apply a specific project to one determined situation and this to function, then exists such balance, but if the project not to produce a result satisfactory then exists the disequilibrium.

Therefore we are in constant process of assimilation and room and with this our dumb thought and progresses continuously. – Other essential factors for the cognitivo development: maturation and social interaction. Maturation? if it relates to the cognitivas functions. Social interaction – interchange of ideas between people. Here, the interaction with other people makes with that it has a disequilibrium in relation the knowledge physical and logical? mathematician. When the thoughts of the child enter in conflict with the thoughts of another child or same with an adult, it will start then to question its thoughts.

– The development of the individual is initiated in the intrauterine period and goes until the 15 or 16 years. Piaget says that the embryology human being also evolves after the birth, creating more complex structures each time. The construction of intelligence of -, therefore in successive stages, with increasing complexities, chained some to the others. To this Piaget it called ' ' construtivismo seqencial' '. According to Piaget, the development of the express reasoning if in the following stages: Sensrio? engine (0-2 years) Pr? operational (2-7 years) Operacional concrete (7-11 years) Operacional deed of division (11-adult) – Piaget believed that all the people passed accurately for the same periods of training in the same order.