The System

A product, which I (with just 33) the next 30, 40 or 50 Years carry around with me and this is supposed to protect me against the financial consequences. There were no questions about the professional and personal situation, is also not important if I want to have three children who have or the like. Also is completely unclear whether I want to assure services such as rehabilitation, aid abroad and something. But so thought I might come. I replied so on these three questions and sent my mail to the “Advisor” at 11:54. The answer followed at 12:06. So after not even 12 minutes, you have found the fare right for me and wrote to me, you have found the appropriate tariffs and three times send me, I could find out. The system was an “analysis” which compared the contributions and offered the cheapest, the 3rd and 5th in the list.

Why just this? I don’t know. It also had a short description of the tariff, the posts and incorrect information about the supply for some natural remedies. For this purpose the consultants of less, can safely but rather the software provider. The “irrelevant” questions about AIDS (and Thus after high cost risk) of great consultants has just not with printed, because the rates are here supposedly bad. Thus I would as a customer on thousands and thousands of euros in costs here remain seated and me deteriorate significantly compared with the statutory health insurance. Such as product information, conditions, initial information to the consultant, etc. There were no legally prescribed information of course also. Why also don’t know what the customer can it also won’t be spooked.

20:08 o’clock of the same day the request was sent to me asking but now fill it out and send back to. The whole “advice”, which actually wasn’t because this only consisted of 4 mails, lasted thus no half day. Conclusion: because such (apologies) in advance for the following significant words fool on the market running around and are not able to recognize the scope of the nonsense you produce, not only the industry suffers. That’s not nice, but insurance and whose advice isn’t always the most popular professions. No, much worse and the fact of the advice is not adequately controlled by the legislature. Such financial statements and processes later lead customers into financial ruin. Of course, you can hope that there is a property damage liability insurance and maybe, after years of “by the courts pulling” also pays, but this is not certain. The insured person is here with incalculable risks and still can’t even get something out of this. There, people in the car are lured and not informed about risks. The consultant, which it perhaps – and in this case hoffentlich-soon not more this but… doesn’t matter. Consult please never, never by such people. You ask, see documents and request proof that these people, some of them understand what they do and have a corresponding registration. As long as there are blue-eyed customers there will be also always such black sheep on the market. And I still have an (unusual) request: spread this article please where ever you can. Facebook, Twitter, or Mail, which is always possible. It is unacceptable that people in the ruin are driven, because this no way have to question statements and then fall. I will report more (legal) development here in the next few weeks.