Unique Value

Search and add value to the environment, your company, your co. “Find out what makes it uniquely valuable” We all have talents that make us different from other, usually something we like to do, what we are good. If you focus on that you like, will become uniquely valuable in it and therefore get paid for it. “Do not miss their time on things that other people should do for you “Time is our” active “most precious, and sometimes it seems that what we valued as such, since many times we lose by doing things that others can do. Calculate how much you earn in an hour and then never do anything so you can pay less for anyone else to do for you. “Clean the dirt that is in your life,” according to the time management expert Jeffrey Mayer, most people spend about an hour a day looking for lost papers on his desk: sixty percent of which is not necessary! This same weekend, treat yourself to order, starting with the drawers and ask if they’ve used in the last twelve months or if you must keep for legal reasons, if the answer is no, get rid of them, do something similar at home.

“Write down your goals in a place that everyone can see” setting goals and objectives is one of the most effective methods to achieve something and make it visible to all, is very useful because they always have including present and others can help achieve them. “Invest in yourself” The successful people know that the power of an idea can change your life forever, so take care of your education, read books, go to classes, listen to tapes on motivation or audio books. All this will help improve their quality of life and feel happier. Learn to be a donor John Templeton, the billionaire investor and philanthropist world famous once said that the key to life is not to be a doer but in being a good “donor.” The enterprising person looking while the donor is more interested in, in this way is always adding value to help. People always remember these gestures and eventually return it as much as you gave. “Make a decision and is determined” Your financial future can be modeled in the time to take a financial decision. Choose which is important in your life, the worst that diligence is not done.

Besides being determined, become someone who can be trusted, you can earn the respect of colleagues: being punctual, having a plan of action and implement it, always doing what it says it will do, educated and responsible. “To earn more money, more money has to ask” In the world of sales has been said that the key to success is to learn that you have to ask for the order, and this applies not only for sales but for everything in life . When you are adding more value, will be able to ask for a raise. “Live according to the philosophy DO IT NOW! Life is not a dress rehearsal in life you get exactly what they sought. Your journey to financial success is just beginning, but do not let this consume you travel as much as to miss the moments with people you love, remember to demonstrate to those who want to how important they are in life, well that is a how to add value. References: Bach, D. “They just Rich Smart Women.